Jan 172011

Interesting day so far. I had a bout of “doing all the things I had meant to do weeks ago”, resulting in a hung calendar (pretty if it weren’t for the nail I had to rip out three times … now there are a few “interesting” holes in the walls at eye height), an almost fixed wash basin (well, one can use it, it only drops a little, ahem), and me ordering yet more ebooks, and updating my librarything. Then I went to check my bank account, and after that I’m far more motivated to stop buying ebooks for now.

Three of my students didn’t show up, one re-schedule. My son is completely over-tired because he spent Saturday night at a friend’s house, and so he had had three tantrums already. He found a carnival costume he likes, and that I don’t have to sew, and had to buy it now, this minute. I made him do his homework first, cruel me.

Yesterday I spent five hours watching “How I Met Your Mother” while knitting my husband’s Lotus Leaf Mittens. I start loathing them but with the one hour I knit on them today they might get finished until his birthday on Thursday.

And I made an appointment to talk to someone about my peri-menopausal problems.

I think tonight I should go to bed early; this sounds suspiciously like overdrive.

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  1. Menopause… war super…. ich freu mich schon aufs nächste Mal (dann hoffentlich ja das letzte Mal…). Ich denke, zu lange wird das bei mir auch nicht wieder dauern…

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