Oct 222010

or maybe a wheelbarrow.

Every evening I prepare myself to spend the rest of the day sitting in the kitchen while my son sleeps. He is afraid alone, and our house is built in a way that in order to keep him company you have to either stay in the kitchen or the master bedroom. My studio and the room where we watch TV are both in the annex along with my husband’s studio, and so we take turns to stay near him.

I also spend my mornings in the kitchen waiting for my husband to get up. I’m the one who makes breakfast for our son and tells him to hurry up each morning. That gives me about two hours for myself until my husband – who works late on his music most evenings – comes over to have breakfast.

And all of that means that each day I’m carrying this from my studio to the kitchen and back:


Also my spinning wheel and fiber. I already got myself a small laptop bag because my old laptop was all scratchy at the bottom. That happens when you have breakfast or dinner, and set your laptop down on the kitchen table without cleaning it, and when you decide to watch a DVD you move the laptop back and – voilà – breadcrumb scratches.

Now I’m feeling a bit weird here. If I were working somewhere else but home, of course, it would be all very natural. Taking my computer, and my kindle, and my ipod, and a pot of tea and some snacks with me. But then I would have a bag to hold it all. But since I’m supposedly working from home I carry it all one or two things at a time, and all of a sudden this irritates me. “Just a moment while I get my spinning wheel and my computer.” I say to my son, and then I move back and forth, spinning wheel, empty thermos, computer, DVDs, the bigger knitting bag that I left in the “TV room” the night before. This is just ridiculous.

But then, making myself a designated “carry stuff to the studio and back” tote also seems a bit ridiculous.

What would you do?

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  1. Count it as incidental, and virtuous, exercise!

  2. Kindle! Berichten!!
    Und Anne hat recht, sieh’s als Sport an. 😛

  3. How about a basket? Looks decorative and can stand alone.
    Alternatively: I’ve also used a large tray for a while, when I was working on my diploma paper and had to use the table in the dining room. Each evening I had to move my stuff for dinner. Much easier with the tray and definitely crumb- and therefore scratch-free. The tray then had its designated space on a shelf nearby.

  4. Basket sounds good! Fürs Spinnrad wirst Du aber extra laufen müssen = Sport.
    Der Nachteil einer Tasche ist, dass da auch alles durcheinanderfällt (außer wenn sie extrem viele passende Fächer hat) und du nicht sofort siehst, ob das Gesuchte auch drin ist.
    Ich versuche immer, schon abends die leeren Becher, Teller (oder Thermoskannen) auf dem Weg ins Bad noch schnell in der Küche vorbeizubringen.

  5. it is amazing what can annoy us and drive us to depair isnt it? I am liking the idea of the basket although, do you think it may quickly fill up with crumbs. I am so pleased i am not the only whose kitcehn table is a crumb display!

  6. i was going to suggest basket as well, or a box. or a bag. why not?

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