Oct 052010

because I have been given a blog award. Winterkatze kindly presented it to me weeks ago, and only today did I read her post. As I usually did back in the days I tried to see where the award originated but I had to give up after being unable to find the relevant posts on several blogs. See, I was wondering why an award presented to me by a German book blogger had all these pictures of nail polish and shoes:

Well, I managed to follow it back to a couple of fashion bloggers but was unable to find it’s origin, sorry. Nonetheless there are of course rules to this award which are to tell you about ten things I like, and to name ten more bloggers for the award. I will gladly show you ten things I like but I won’t be tagging anybody, sorry, I have this feeling that I have done enough tagging for the moment.

Because I’m sadly behind with the posting of my daily picture I thought I’d combine the ten things I like with that (for the rest of my daily pictures please visit my flickr):

  1. 070:365homemade tortillas with guacamole
  2. 069:365 watching my son sleep (this was a picture he wanted me to take, he is actually posing)
  3. 068:365blue skies
  4. 067:365knitting a new hat for my husband
  5. 066:365roses
  6. 065:365beer
  7. 064:365me
  8. 063:365watching my son read
  9. P1010626fiber
  10. 062-365books

  2 Responses to “It really must be 2006 again”

  1. I love this post, a fantastic insight into you! Also slightly jealous that your son will sit and read, no matter how hard i try and convince my son that reading is one of the best things you can do. he is not convinced.

  2. So you’re still doing Project 365? Somehow I lost track of you on Flickr even though you’re my contact there. I’ll have to figure out why you don’t seem to be coming up in my contact stream. I like these pictures a lot and would like to sample the homemade tortillas.

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