Aug 242010

I have gone on taking pictures for the project 365, only I haven’t posted them until yet. And here they are, we went camping, then back home, then off for a party (where my husband played with his new project for the first time), then back home, then we had guests, then we went to another party, and in between I finished spinning sock yarn. For now you’ll only get this as a slide show:

  3 Responses to “Missing pictures”

  1. I need to spend an afternoon or an evening and deal with our photos from the summer and vacation. And then I need to spend another afternoon or an evening and decide which photos I want to print from the last 12 months or more and then I need to back them all up.

    It’s much more enjoyable to look at your pictures 🙂

  2. The fish tank! The cathedral! The tea pot! The fresh-baked bread! So many gems. Lovely.

  3. I liked a number of these but was particularly fond of the gargoyle.

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