Jun 162010

I noticed that this time of the month is often when I stop posting here on the blog (for the month), and I fully intended to do a real post but then on Sunday evening while brushing my teeth I found that one of my molars was kind of lose. Not a good sign. I went to the dentist yesterday and he had to pull it out completely. I’m a bit shocked because that meant I have been running around with a crumbling tooth for months without really noticing but then I told my dentist there was something weird about this tooth years ago and her sole response was, “There is nothing wrong, everything looks fine.” (Just like the car before the motor fell out, by the way.)

The next time I feel something is wrong I’ll stay and have it checked until they find something.

For now I’m happy to be rid of the nasty tooth, and am recovering nicely. But I don’t feel like doing much of anything, not even knitting. I plan to sleep a lot, and lay on the couch watching Doctor Who. After I have finished teaching for today. See you.

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