Sep 252009


I had wanted to write about my son’s first day of school, and creativity, and ADD, and knitting with handspun, and about why I don’t like it that my blog is so fiber-heavy these days (and why I’d rather update more frequently), and still about being idle, and society in general, and about making music, and how I had this neat idea for a “Creative Commitment Challenge”.

But then life happened, and I had to phone students right and left to find a new schedule, and then my mother-in-law went on vacation so my parents came to visit and care for our son this week.

And tomorrow I’ll go and see an aunt of mine that I haven’t seen for something like 35 years, and so I don’t think I’ll be blogging on the weekend either.

So, this is just to tell you that I’m still alive, and feeling well, and quite exciting about things that make my head spin (only personal, and there won’t be anything coming out of this, I think).

I hope you’ll all have a nice weekend. See you.

  2 Responses to “Just checking in”

  1. Same to you.

    All my plans and projects have been on hold for almost a week with a sick boy. Waiting to hear on the results of a chest x-ray right now…

    At least I get to do some reading.

  2. Glad you are checking in. Can’t wait to hear your story about your son’s first day at school. I swear I remember reading about his first day in kindergarten… can this be?

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