Jun 072009

and I’m back home.

Which is a lie because I came home an hour ago, have emptied all the backpacks, and bags (with my husband’s help, of course but not my son’s who declared that he was not in the mood to unpack). Now there is a load of laundry in the washing machine, I have read my most urgent e-mails and am happily sitting here with a functioning internet connection. It turns out my father has been paying for his high speed wire-less internet connection for more than a year without it actually working. Which means that he is still on dial-up because: he needs to clean his office before he can have somebody some over to fix his set-up. He has a working router, a working connection, and a working computer, the only flaw is that they are somehow not talking to each other.

So I have been without blogs, and ravelry, an twitter and DVDs for a whole week, and it hasn’t been too bad.

And now I’m very, very tired, and plan to sit in my own backyard in the hammock with a beer.

But I’ll see you all soon.

  2 Responses to “I just went in the door”

  1. Glad you are back. Hope your hammock and beer break lasted into the “cut up some bread and cheese and eat outdoors” session.

  2. welcome home 🙂

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