May 012009

This is a project where bloggers explore color for the next 23 days. There’s a specific color for each day. You can see the details (sorry, German only) on the blog “Frühlingsgefühle“. I love the name of the blog, by the way, it’s spring feelings, and that’s the German name for the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, and falling in love that you get with spring. (Well, you do, I go in hiding, obviously. I’m not a spring person but I like new beginnings and possibilities too.) I found this through sew-mad.

I’m a bit reluctant about committing myself to post every day for any length of time but then it’s only a picture. (I also will prepare some in advance.)

So, here’s my picture for the color white:


  4 Responses to “Projekt “Farbe bekennen” – white/weiß”

  1. schön!
    gefällt mir gut, deine idee 🙂
    der schatten macht das ganze so richtig schön!

  2. What an interesting translation. The German language has so many words that are idioms.

    I was thinking today about joining in on a photo-blog project. What fun!

  3. Katrin, das kommt davon, wenn man das erste weiße Ding fotografiert, das man von seinem Stuhl aus sehen kann.

    (Katrin said that she liked my idea, especially the shadow, and I have to admit that I just took a picture of the first white thing I saw.)

    De, it’s always so interesting when I come up to a word that can’t be translated. Of course, translation only works so far anyway but there are things like that in English too, and then I have to struggle to say them in German.

  4. das bild ist toll. ich liebe licht-schatten-spiele!

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