Mar 232009

spinning brown wensleydale on my drop spindle, knitting socks and lace, yelling at my family, dreaming, sleeping intermittedly, eating too much, thinking about my life, playing “coin-operated boy” on the piano, singing my heart out with “my alcoholic friends”, teaching new adult beginners, figuring out how to bring my wheel to a meeting next weekend, reading about “drawing with children”, talking with my husband, talking with my son, picking things up, putting things away, feeling despair looking at dust bunnies, deciding to lose weight again, starting now, not eating jelly beans, drinking too much beer instead, not going to improvisation workshop, seeing pictures everywhere, wanting to take my camera outside, smiling at other people to avoid talking with them, attending parties and leaving early, preferring an episode of “how I met your mother”, a beer, and talking with my husband over a fabulous party with 150 people, buying presents for my son’s friends, avoiding playdates, rejoicing at my son starting to read, telling him about Battlestar Galactica, looking up the capital of Rumania in the encyclopedia, neglecting my blog-duties both passive and active, going for walks almost daily, making dates with internet friends to exchange books, talk about “Farscape”, and drop spindeling, reading comics, writing book reviews in my head, turning to self-help blogs only to find that I already tried all their tips and have reached a new level of problems, watching youtube videos, buying music on-line, listening to my husband teaching jazz-improvisation in the next room, watering plants, carrying groceries home, helping my husband with cooking lunch because he’s tired of being cook in charge every single day, trying to make space for my husband’s music, not going to the hairdresser even though my hair looks terrible, buying train tickets for June, planning a workshop in September, easing my way into a new story, feeling disconnected with my own music, meditating, talking to my bloggy friends in my head, listening to incubus, to amanda palmer, twittering

  3 Responses to “What I’m doing these days – stream of consciousness”

  1. i know I have not been around much but this was a great way to catch up on you…

  2. just the other day i was thinking of doing a stream of conscious Monday Mission… maybe I will. 😉 this was fascinating

  3. You have a full life. 🙂

    I like your updated blog design!

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