Nov 192008

Do you ever feel like there’s a couple of you who want out? (and no, I’m not schizophrenic)

Susanne, the jazz singer:

She wears a red satin dress and very high heels and sings very sophisticated jazz in very sophisticated bars.

Susanne, the psychic:

She’s a tarot reader. She’s overweight and wears layers and layer of ruby velvet and shawls. She smells of incense. She is very warm, and has piercing eyes.

Susanne, the home maker:

She’s always made-up. She’s very organized with very sensible shoes and a string of pearls. Her hair is short and permed. She bakes every day, and her home is impeccable.

Susanne, the punk rocker:

She’s the drummer in a punk rock band. She has long red hair. She is very skinny and wears only black. She wears Doc Martens, leather coats, and a lot of silver jewelry. She lives on beer, potato chips, and fast food.

Susanne, the Bossa Nova singer:

She is tanned and slim. She wears very fashionable clothes, mostly in white. When she sings her soft tunes people melt at her feet.

Susanne, the Buddhist:

She’s a vegetarian. She wears baggy clothes of organic cotton. Her hair is short and streaked with gray. She lives an ascetic life, and is fasting every year.

Susanne, the mommy:

She wears jeans, t-shirt, sneakers and no make-up. She lives for being a mother. She does projects with her son every day. She breastfed him till he started going to kindergarten. She firmly believes in attachment parenting.

Susanne, the academic:

She wears trim suits, and white shirts. She lives for her research. She doesn’t have any friends. She only exercises because it’s the sensible thing to do. She’s living in her brain.

Susanne, the writer:

She wears turltenecks, and no make-up. She writes novels that are recognized for their deepness and insight. She lives on her own.

Susanne, the loser:

She’s adipose and wears only sweats. She’s a couch potato. She eats only junk food, and never leaves her bed if she can help it.

Susanne, the crafter:

She makes everything with her own hands. She kneads bread, spins her own yarn, owns a big loom, and a flock of sheep. She works from dawn till dusk.

Susanne, the dancer:

She wears very stylish but comfortable clothes. Tights and legwarmers. She aspires to become like Martha Graham and Mary Wigman. She lives in a dance studio.

Susanne, the pianist:

She wears black only. Every day she gets up early, and goes to her piano. She doesn’t leave it for the rest of the day. Everything else is unimportant.

Susanne, the blogger:

She blabbers on and on about her life. She only takes pictures for her blog, and forgets the people around her. She feels that things only have happened if she has written about them.

Susanne, the computer programmer:

She doesn’t care about clothes. She spends her days in front of a computer, feeling clever when her code works out, and feeling desperate when it doesn’t. She only shops online.

Susanne, the ordinary person:

She only things about mundane things. She wears what everybody else is wearing. She thinks what everybody else is thinking. She is moderately happy. She doesn’t want much from life. She has two kids and a husband who cheats on her.

Susanne, the philosopher:

She never stopped studying, and still gets money from her parents. All her clothes are black or grey. She spends her life in bars debating Heidegger and Adorno. She’s worried that she is drinking too much wine.

Susanne, the traveler:

She only touches base with her hometown to earn enough money to fly away again. All her possessions fit in the trunk of her car. She doesn’t care for family or permanency. She wears bright and colorful clothes that she bought in exotic places.

There are even more but I’d say, the list is long enough for now. So, how about you? Are you one person through and through? Really?

Should we make this into a meme? (The people inside of you don’t have to be female, by the way.)

  8 Responses to “All these women inside of me”

  1. Somedays it gets crowded there inside my head.

  2. Oh! Das kommt mir ja so bekannt vor… da wünsch ich mir glatt nen Blog, um bei dem Meme auch mitzumachen (wieder einmal). :-))
    Ich hab mich inzwischen mit meinen, ahem, multiplen Persönlichkeiten abgefunden und rede mir ein, ich wäre einfach vielseitig. Was leider auch nicht das Problem löst, das ich später mal auf einem Hausboot, auf einem aufgegebenen Resthof, in einer Fabrikloft und einem Haus aus dem 18. Jahrhundert leben will.

  3. This is so clever! I think it might become a writer’s group activity, if that’s okay with you.

  4. As I was reading, I thought, “this would make a good meme.”

    I’m impressed that you know yourself so well as to be able to identify all these characteristics. It would be very hard for me, I think…

    I’ll be thinking about it.

  5. I tagged you. I’m sorry, I really do feel like I’ve dropped off an aged fruit cake on your doorstep. But I only did it because I’ve been walking by the house and admiring your garden for awhile. It was a gesture of kindness, really, even if the fruitcake might just be the source of that… smell.

    PS: This post would be a fabulously wonderful meme. More like fresh flowers than fruitcake.

  6. Oh I like all of you. But i am espeially entancesd by your jazz singr….

  7. i, too, am impressed that you know yourself so well. What a fantastic writing exercise and even therapeutic, I’d imagine.

  8. p.s. wanted also to say that I think I would like all of them…you…you know.

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