Oct 242008

I’m feeling a bit stupid (again), here I am, realizing that the last post I wrote was about weekend to-do-lists, and all of a sudden it’s time for a new weekend. I could swear they are making the weeks shorter, and shorter these days.

I had wanted to write posts about how to learn to love exercise, about me and my son, how we had weeks of fighting and yelling, and now it’s all getting better, about how this same son wakes up early every single day now, so that my poor husband who doesn’t respond well to the traditional fighting over getting dressed, fighting over breakfast, and fighting to get out of the house on time, especially when he had been woken an hour early, resigned himself to sleeping in the guest room, well, I wanted to write about the usual things.

Also I have been on a finishing frenzy, knitting-wise. I’m just about to finish a cardigan, and a huge lace shawl, and then, today, in the middle of the day, just a few minutes before my first student of the day was to arrive I decided to do something wild and crazy and start a completely irrational project just like that.

But then I looked at the yarn and saw that it needed to be wound into balls before I can use it, and while I might be crazy enough to try and start a project in ten minutes, I’m clear enough to see that ten minutes doesn’t work if you have to wind the yarn first.

Time for the next weekend to-do-list, I think.

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  1. my week was entirely unproductive in the sense that I did not gain any ground on the projects I am supposed to be doing in my former blog reading time because Lorenzo was sick and with me 24/7.

    my weekends do not have my usual sort of to-do lists because Tony is at home and I usually wait for him to declare his plans, which doesn’t really work that well, but I can’t just go charging about doing whatever I’d like without taking him into consideration either.

  2. I also was seized with the urge to start a new project today (in-progress ones notwithstanding) and got as far as winding one ball of yarn before my daughter came home from daycare. So much for the knitting today.

    Most weekends I do make a list, and curse myself for not doing the boring chores during the week. But, I try to make sure there are some good, fun things on the list too. This weekend’s good things: make apple pie, have friend over for brunch, and, knit. Sadly, grading a big stack of papers is also on the list.

  3. You know, I’d like to learn the knitting.

    My mother taught me to iron, cook, sew (a bit) when I was a teen. My brother can knit and I want to add that to my houseperson resume. It’s about time.

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