Sep 172008

As I told you I ordered it the day that I sold my congas. And then I waited. And waited. And waited. And after a week I considered asking the shop where I had ordered it (online, there is no such thing as a spinning wheel shop near me), and then I waited some more. Ten days after my order I sent an e-mail, and got a very nice reply saying there had been problems, and that it would be shipping the next day. The next day it was here. Weird.

Sometime I suspect that online stores who happen to forget your order never say so but they’ll tell you something along the lines of “We thought we had one in stock but then we hadn’t.” or “It took our supplier a week to deliver.” Which can happen. I’d just like to know instead of hanging around the house each morning for eight days in a row hoping not to be out when the postman rings.

But I won’t complain, here it is:


I had the opportunity to take the whole morning assembling it because my student didn’t show up.

Then I de-assembled part of it again because I had managed to screw some things together the wrong way, then I tried to treadle it, was happy, and then there was this noise. I dis-assembled another part, oiled everything twice, re-assembled and started to – try to spin.

It’s as if I have to learn it all over again. Even though I’ve set it to the slowest setting it’s much too fast for my fumbling attempts at drafting. But I can see that it will be fun once I get fast enough. I like spinning with a drop spindle but always feel that I spend more time winding the yarn onto the spindle than actually spinning. Well, that won’t be the problem with the wheel.

Here’s a picture of my new “spinning corner”, the place where my congas used to stand:

Here’s the wheel, an Ashford Kiwi (she’s more beautiful in real life):

And here’s my bad handspun:

This post took me three days to write. That’s not because I spun so much, it’s because I’m easing back into teaching and normal life mode. The good thing is that today’s 15-minute-attempt at spinning on the wheel went much better than the two days before because I actually had taken the time to look into my spinning book under “when you have the feeling that the yarn is pulled away from you”. Aha, I eased the brake tension, and it went much better. Also, fluffing the roving before spinning it is highly recommended. Also, when I treadle more slowly the yarn gets less kinky. Revelation after revelation.

It’s too bad that I don’t like art yarn at all. Now I have about 250 grams of it at home.

  10 Responses to “I got my spinning wheel!”

  1. wow, that’s quite a contraption.

    maybe your son will enjoy making things with the practice yarn?

  2. there’s a lot of cool vocabulary for spinning. Kinky, spindle, fluffing the roving, treadle. What fun.

  3. Give it some practice and then you can write The Zen of Spindling handbook. Can’t wait to hear how things go. Good luck.

  4. There’s nothing like new equipment to brighten a day. I wish I knew what fluffing the roving was, because it sounds like fun.

  5. Congrats, she looks beautiful 🙂 If you need help with your spinning, just write to me, I might be able to provide help or a few hints when your on a dead track. Hopefully you won’t throw away your first wheel yarn. Give it away to someone who appreciates it, knit it into a nice fluffy winter scarf or use it for weaving.

    And now: Shove your chair and wheel into the sunshine, sit back and relax 🙂

  6. Congratulations – I am envious, I would love to take up spinning. Maybe in a few years…


  7. woohoo, look at you!!! congrats on your wheel!

  8. You make me want to be sleeping beauty.

  9. My, isn’t that the early-settler-looking contraption.

  10. Oh, I’m jealous! I have a wheel (an antique) but I need to get it fixed before I can use it (not to mention, trying to find time to spin!). Right now it’s just sort of a cute decoration in our house and I feel sad for it.

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