Aug 172008

Numbers of phone calls on the machine: 5
Numbers of invitations to barbecues for next week: 4
Numbers of friends who live elsewhere and are in town just this week: 1
Loads of laundry: 3
Loads of laundry before washing machine started acting weird: 2 1/2
Numbers of repaired computers waiting for me in the shop: 0
Numbers of e-mails and phone calls regarding said computer: 3
Numbers of blogs not available for a day: 1 (my husband’s not mine)
Numbers of letters to friends that I still didn’t write: 1
Money spent on re-stocking pantry and fridge after vacation: 170 €
Numbers of e-mails waiting to be answered: 7
Numbers of bags I planned to make last summer, and finally did today: 2
Ounces of roving spun today while waiting for my husband to get up: 1
Number of Legos in my office to keep son occupied: about half a million

Number of unread posts in my feed reader as of now:
crazymumma: 17
liv: 8
meno: 8
nomotherearth: 14
oneplustwo: 5
De: 2
Hel: 9
Mad: 3

Bea: 7
Chani: 1
Flutter: 15
Beck: 14
Her Bad Mother: 15
Rae: 1
Julie: 1
KC: 7
Denguy: 3
Mir: 16

Number of minutes that I spent making music since I came back: 0
Number of gummy bears that I ate since coming back: 5
Numbers of beers that I drank since coming back: 7
Number of short stories that I have to have written until Thursday: 1
Number of blog posts that I had wanted to write the last week, and didn’t: 5
Number of minutes until I have to go to sleep: -40

So, now you know why I didn’t stop by your blogs. I hope you’ll have a fabulous week.

  5 Responses to “Coming back from vacation”

  1. Nice number of beers. Now go to sleep and catch up on what needs to get done.
    And don’t forget to breath.

  2. Welcome back! Deep breaths…

  3. Lists put things in such stark perspective don’t they?

    Hope the holiday was worth having 🙂

  4. I’m surprised you didn’t eat more than five gummy bears. I would have.

  5. Ahh, the after-vacation insanity. I know that one.

    Take a deep breath..


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