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Welcome again to the Just Posts. This is the July “everybody is on vacation”-edition. Also, all my own nominations got lost in what will be known as the “great computer crash of 2008”. So I’m especially grateful for all the others who nominated posts, and wrote posts of their own.

I didn’t quite know what to write about this month. Not because of a lack of topic but because I couldn’t decide which cause that’s running around in my head I’d rather feature.

Some time ago I received a letter from Open Arms in South Africa. This is an organization that Jen promoted back when the Just Posts celebrated their first anniversary. I gave them a measly amount of money and since then I have been receiving letters and pictures from them. I always feel guilty because I figure they should be spending their money helping children in need instead of paying for postage to Germany.

Open Arms is an organization that cares for children who have lost one or both of their parents to AIDS. They offer a new home to children who don’t have any place to go to. Now they have filled all their space but, of course, there are still children in need, and so Bob Solis is walking 750 miles in order to raise money to build more cottages. You can visit the “A long walk for children“-website for more information or take a look at his blog. He just celebrated his birthday along the way.

The concept of children suffering that much and dying because their parents are ill is something that’s almost incomprehensible to my mind as I’m sitting here, cushioned from a reality like that by a social system that’s still functioning. I know that there are a lot of worthy causes, a lot of people suffering, a lot of places where the kind of money that I spend on books in a month can make a significant difference for the life of somebody.

So. here it is again, the list of posts about social justice that we found in July:

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Our lovely readers:
Mama Tulip

Please, make sure to check out Mad’s and Jen’s posts too, especially since they may have even more links because I’m gone on vacation for a few days, and may have missed a post or two.

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