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Welcome again to the Just Posts roundtable.

When last month I wrote about child poverty in the introduction to the Just Posts there were a lot of marvelous comments. I’m especially thankful to Hel for pointing out that not everyone of us is living in a “rich country”. I forget that, sometimes, in the same way that I’m not really comprehending the fact that it’s winter now, where she lives, while I’m in the middle of summer.

I knew instantly what to write about for this month’s introduction when I heard about the Expo 2008 on the radio. It’s all about water and sustainable development.

When I wrote about my guilty conscience when staying in the shower for too long, one of readers mocked me. And she is right, water is not that much of a problem where I live. It’s raining as I type this, and the water we drink comes from nearby. In past years we were advised not to give it to infants, and the town I live in helped families with newborns so that they could buy bottled water for them, but for the past years, and ever since my son has been born the water has been of good quality.

The situation in the nearby Bavarian capital is a bit different. While they have water that is pure and marvelous, and they have plenty of that, it seems a bit weird to me that that water comes from somewhere in the Alps. There are big pipelines fueling it to the city. But there isn’t a problem with the water as such. It’s good, it’s pure, and there’s plenty.

Of course, that’s not true for everyone in the world. Good water for drinking is a scarce resource and is becoming increasingly rare. Imagine living in a place where you had to chose between drinking something that makes you and your children sick, or not drinking at all. Imagine living somewhere where most of your day is spent fetching water from a place that’s hours away.

It’s sad that it always seem to come back to this these days, that there are people who have pools, and washing machines, and who take showers and baths every day, and who don’t even drink water because it’s so common, and there are people who barely have enough to survive, or even less.

I don’t know what to do about it, I know that I can’t send my unused shower water to the desert but it would be great if I could.

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The ones who read:

And, as always, there are Mad, and Jen the ones who started this. Please, check out what they have to say this month. And Jen will be going to BlogHer and talk about this here roundtable, how marvelous.

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  1. That’s the thing that frustrates me about the water issue. There is no simple cause and effect. My conserving water in Canada does not help Africa one whit. Not that one shouldn’t conserve a precious natural resource but I really wish I understood the economics of it all so that change could happen. Guess I should go click on the link, eh?

  2. the overwhelmedness. water. food. hearing folks who are not really pinched by comparison yet feeling rightly pinched just the same to the folks who are pinched beyond belief every single day and are now choosing to give their kids one meal instead of two. or who cannot water their gardens or have clean water for their kids.

    it’s terrifying, what’s going on.

  3. […] it seems a good time to mention that the Just Posts are up again. Jen, Mad and Su, are hosting this monthly roundtable of posts about issues of social justice and activism in all […]

  4. I come from states that face severe drought issues fairly regularly. California and Hawaii. Hawaii’s water woes could be a particular hot topic because of the tourist industry. TPTB were always pushing for people who lived there to conserve, conserve, conserve, but tourists would come in and waste waste waste… because they were on holiday and it wasn’t their problem. Grrrr.

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