Mar 102008


It’s time for the Just Post Roundtable again. You might have noticed that I haven’t written anything about social justice this month. In a way this was due to the fact that I had too much things to write about. If only I could find a way to siphon my thoughts directly into the computer I would have one or two posts daily. The things I wanted to write about but haven’t were:

1. Women’s Day on March 8th. Sadly gender still is an issue. Those of you who can read German might want to have a look at the short post Frau Kaltmamsell wrote about that. For those who can’t, basically it quotes an article that reminds us that while more than half the human beings are female there are still a lot of areas where there are only men to be seen. (For years I had a graph hanging at my wall showing how in academia women make more than half of the students but only something like ten percent of faculty members.)
2. V-day. I received an e-mail about this which I’m quoting:

V-Day is a global movement to end violence against women and girls that raises funds and awareness through benefit productions of Eve Ensler’s play, The Vagina Monologues. This year, 2008, marks V-Day’s 10-year anniversary. To date, V-Day movement has raised over $50 million and educated millions of people all over the world about the issue of violence against women and the efforts to end it.

3. Goods4Girls. An initiative started by Crunchy Chicken. She is working with organizations to distribute cloth menstrual pads to girls in Kenya and Uganda so that these girls can stay in school. You really should read the whole story on the Goods4Girls site.
4. Elections and voting. Voting is very important because it’s one of the few ways we can change anything about our local politics. In my head I had a long post all mapped out about the moral dilemma of whom to vote for. We had a few local elections here, one of them was about electing the town’s mayor. I didn’t know whether to vote for the candidate that I agreed with, who was very likely not going to win, or for the candidate that seemed the lesser evil against the one that I absolutely didn’t agree with. (In the end I decided to follow my conscience. “My” candidate had about 10 % of the votes. The one whose policy I heartily dislike had 45 %. Interestingly he didn’t win but there will be a second ballot, a second chance.)

I know this is a bit much for a mere introduction to the roundtable, I apologize for that. As usual, don’t forget to check out what Jen and Mad are writing too. Hel won’t join us this month but you might want to go to her place anyway because there are pictures of puppies. (And who can resist puppies?)

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know about Crunchy Chicken’s project. Thanks for tipping me off on that one, Su. Did you see Alpha Dogma’s send up last month about the Always ads?

  2. This is just….so nice! Thank you! I am going to spend the day doing some reading–what a great selection of stuff here!

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