Nov 202007

Just a short note to tell you that finally you can listen to me music again. You can find it under the “hear me sing“-category.

Excuse me, I’m going back to the keyboard for NaNo. If I can keep this pace up I’ll be finished by Sunday. Normal reading and blog-visiting will be resumes in short order.

  5 Responses to “audio is back up”

  1. oh! I can’t wait to hear you sing! (I’ll have to wait until I get home but yay!)

  2. Go you! My daughter is at 40k words this morning. Yee hah!

  3. you sound incredibly busy…..

  4. Sounds like you are on a roll. Yeah! You keep going, gal! We’ll catch up to you at the corner of December.

    (I might be making my way down to Freising to meet my new niece. Any chance we could meet up?)

  5. i love the sound of your voice…and the knowledge you are writing your fingers off…go you.

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