Oct 272007

Finally, here are the interview questions that Flutter sent me. Despite my initial urge I decided not to write a 1,000 word answer to each one. Though I could have. So, thank you Flutter for these questions.

1) Music is an obviously important element of your life, talk about how it infuses itself in your daily life.

Well, first thing I teach piano, guitar and singing five days a week. That’s a big part of my life. And while I whine all the time about not practicing that doesn’t mean that I don’t make music. I’d like to come back to playing every day for me without putting pressure on myself…

This question and the next pretty much sum up the main themes in my life right now (apart from knitting). How much space is there in my life for music, how central do I want it to become, and how can I focus more on the joy of it.

2)You recently posted about enjoying the process of creation, in your mind’s eye, what would enjoying the process mean to you? How would it differ than your current process?

I always think that enjoying the process means enjoying every single second of it. Spending every moment of creation in flow. Of course that is a little unrealistic. After I wrote about not enjoying the process I found that really I hadn’t been enjoying much at all because I hadn’t been taking care of my most basic needs.
But then I still dream of a time when I’ll look forward to piano playing without having the feeling that I’d rather do something else instead. When I play I feel very good afterwards and sometimes while doing it.
It also feels a little pointless to make music just for myself. On the other hand playing in bands didn’t work for me at all, and I’m not eager to sing on stage again any time soon.

3) You seem very concerned with the environment. What is the single most important thing to consider when attempting to lessen one’s carbon footprint?

Um, not using planes I’d say. I read an article that a family of four uses more fuel by going on vacation to Spain once a year than by heating their house for the whole year. That doesn’t mean that I’ never ever use planes, I just think carefully about it and I’d never “hop on a plane” to go somewhere else in Germany. (The last time I flew was in 1999. We went to Brazil for two months.)
Otherwise it’s all baby steps around here. Sharing a car with my mother-in-law, using said car only about every other week, using our wood stove, recycling everything (which is very easy around here and you’re practically forced to do it), …

4) If you had 20 words to describe your essence, what would they be?

Um. I don’t know. Every time I attach any kind of label to myself it falls off immediately. I couldn’t even say if I were patient or not. I’m a woman of opposites. Strong forces pulling me in all directions at once. Stubborn for sure. I am both extravert and introvert. Talkative, definitely, though I learned to keep my mouth shut when I’m not interested in a conversation. Both lazy and industrious. I’m becoming nicer and kinder because I practice acting nicer and kinder not because I have changed in a fundamental way. Honest and naive in one way and manipulative in another.
I spent the first twenty years of my life with very firm convictions about who and how I am only to find out that they weren’t true. And then right now I am in the process of reinventing myself and thinking about how I want to spend the second half of my life and what kind of person I want to become and what kind of change is still possible.

5) You have a piece of canvas, some yarn, some paint, some glue, brushes, and an hour, what becomes of it?

Nothing much. I’m hopeless with paint and such. Yarn and needles? Fine. (I have been racking my brain about what I could finish knitting in an hour. Maybe a little doll’s hat.)

So, if anybody is interested in getting interviewed by me, just leave a comment.

  10 Responses to “Interview by flutter”

  1. reading all of this was warm and comforting. knowing and yet not and yet still knowing.

    your home must be so lovely.

  2. Thank you for obliging me 🙂

  3. cor fab questions well done for answering them in such a conscise way. My computer has never crashed on your blog although it did make my friends crash when you had written a fab post that i wanted her to read. i will get her to try again to see if the problem still exists

  4. What a thoughtful group of questions.

    Couldn’t you knit a scarf in a hour? With really big needles?

    I struggle with the flying thing, because i like to go places.

  5. I love how we change over the years. How at age twenty we are firmly convinced in who we are, and then years later we are someone else entirely.

    It sounds like you live authentically.

  6. Jen, yes, it is. Mostly.

    Flutter, thanks again for the questions.

    Joanna, the problem should be gone by now.

    Meno, no, sadly enough I couldn’t. (I’m currently knitting a lace stole and every single row takes about 10 minutes. I will have to knit over 500 rows before this is finished. Go figure.)

    Crazymumma, thank you. I hope so. It’s fascinating how we change and not change at the same time.

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  8. Those are the BEST questions! And your answers were terrfic… you should see what my husband’s grandma could knit in an hour – the woman is a KNITTING MACHINE!

  9. I haven’t been by for a while – I always hope I’ll be more conscientious but then life gets the best of me. I love the new color and your new photo!

  10. Hi, I’m new to your site and I like it. I loved the honesty in your post. Music seems to be an important part of your every day life and creativity is fun to you so how do you juggle the creation of music with other arts/hobbies/interests? I would love to read your response.

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