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Welcome again to the just post roundtables. The list just keeps growing and growing thanks to you who are submitting links to posts about social justice every month. This month you might want to have a whole pot of tea (or maybe a bottle of water) next to you before you start reading, there are so many interesting posts.

For my introduction I planned to write something positive because I was so impressed by Hel’s introduction to the August Just Posts. Well, the post I wanted to write didn’t work out so I’ll just hop on the waggon of the “League of Maternal Justice” who has been posting a montage of pictures of nursing mothers (and their babies) to protest against the notion that breastfeeding in public is obscene.

When I heard about the whole broohaha with facebook and the banning of pictures I thought, “This is so typically American”. On I went to look for the topic in the German blogosphere. And what did I find? Nervous mothers asking whether it’s okay to nurse in public, a story about a breastfeeding mother being asked to leave a cafe, tips of putting a blanket over yourself and the baby, and such. Still, a mother sitting in a restaurant feeding her baby without incident isn’t much of a story. Judging by my own experience I’d say that it’s very rare to encounter weird reactions when you breastfeed your child in Germany. I have nursed my son about everywhere, on trains, in restaurants and cafes, in the woods, wherever he happened to be hungry and I could find a place to sit down. Nobody ever gave me the feeling that I wasn’t welcome.

I very much hope that the notion that breastfeeding is somehow obscene will soon become totally obsolete and so I virtually join ranks with those mothers who still do nurse:

And now to all the other subjects big and small that have prompted bloggers to write about this month:

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Givin’ the nod


Thank you very much to those who participated and as always please hop over to Mad, Jen and Hel to see what they are saying about social justice this month.

  9 Responses to “September Just Posts”

  1. I love that photo!

    Thanks for coordinating these. The list grows ever longer, which is a wonderful thing.

  2. Today, I was in a small room full of women and their little ones at the local library reading session. One woman’s baby began crying and she sat on a bench to breastfeed the child. It’s so natural, how could any one think it obscene?

    I was the only male over the age of four; the mother did sort of glance my way now and then.

    I don’t have a problem with it, but I’m always mindful of mothers who do.

  3. It boggles the mind that breastfeeding is even an issue.

    Beautiful photo of you my dear. My breastfeeding days are long over, but oh how I did enjoy them.

  4. Thanks to whoever gave my post the nod! 🙂

  5. I also love the picture of you.

    The subject is one close to my heart, I truly wish we lived in a world were a breatfeeding mother is seen as a thing of beauty.

    For me it symbolises an unconditional bond betwee mother and child.

  6. Wow, that list looks like it was a lot of work – good job.
    The whole idea that anyone could object to breastfeeding is just baffling. I’ve only had a negative reaction once and I’ve breastfed in public A LOT.

  7. I love this collection of photos that is emerging. Thanks for this post.

  8. love your new picture! 🙂

    I am loving reading about everyone’s breatfeeding experiences, so I hopped on the bandwagon and wrote my own!

  9. This makes me determined to find the one breatfeeding picture i have and to post it.

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