Jun 262006

Remember my announcement? I’ll be hosting a private house-concert, where I’ll sing and play for invited guests. Beverages will be served:

Silent all these years

on July 29, 2006
8 pm at my place

My place is near the Bavarian capital in Germany (that’s in Europe, by the way). Anybody interested might e-mail me through my blogger-profile or send a comment, and I’ll give details.

I’m starting getting nervous, although I haven’t even sent out the invitations yet. Some people have been reading the blog and told me they’ll be attending. I’ve been practicing the Tori Amos-songs I’m gonna play since the end of May (or longer). Last week I played them all through for the first time and – I’ll have to cut the programme. Right now it’s 18 songs lasting two hours. Afterwards I started playing one of my own songs. I thought they might mix with Tori Amos’, but no, sounds like a wholly different language. So there won’t be any original songs at the concert. It will be a tribute to Tori Amos. Though I’ve been quite good with the practicing, they don’t sound like I want them yet. I can’t play them by heart, so I have big wads of paper on the piano stand. And for the concert there probably will be the keyboard (not stand). What I need is something like a power point presentation of the sheets, maybe activated by a switch for my left foot. Which reminds me of my dilemma with the sustain pedal of the keyboard. It is not fixed anywhere. The last time I played it, I had to fix it with gaffer tape. And it kept sneaking away. That’s big fun: you’re playing the piano and singing, performing, and all the while you fish around for your elusive sustain pedal with your right foot. Very elegant and relaxed.

But I will have to use the keyboard, because: the piano is out of tune, the room with the piano is way too small, and when I sit at the piano the audience only sees my backside. Very communicative. Just think of it: a whole audience thinking, “I didn’t know, her butt was sooo big. Why is she sitting like that with half of her butt flowing over the piano stool?” Better be fishing around for the sustain pedal. Oh, and the piano doesn’t have an organ sound. Okay, gaffer tape and ruin the hardwood floor.

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  2 Responses to “Preparations”

  1. I suffer from “almost finished,” too. I guess I do actually think ahead more than I would admit, but, as you said in your previous post, only doing gets things done. In fact, since August I have had a project I want to get done for Christmas sitting out, but haven’t gone to the craft store for the supplies I need. Soon, it will be too late.

    My husband is even worse. Every project he undertakes or oversees gets to a certain point and then is never completed. He finally put the third light in our lower level, after installing the other two lights three YEARS ago. There is still a hole in the wall there and also by the pipes under the bathroom sink, and I’m sure he’ll say there’s no point fixing those because we need to paint the interior. I could go on and on!

    I’m going to finish things! Starting tomorrow 🙂

  2. This is why I love flylady’s anti-procrastination day. And since reading Cheryl Richardson who says that unfinished projects suck your energy I’ve been working really hard to finish projects that have been sitting around for ages.
    And now I’m almost done with them …

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