May 032006

Um, not literally though. Since I’m vertical again after the stomach flu, but not on normal food again (no fat, no sugar! for me!), I’m healthy enough to see all the things that were neglected since Friday:

  • laundry
  • practice
  • work on business flyer
  • work on homepage
  • write half a dozen e-mails
  • blog.

  • prepare for my mother’s visit, oops!

Maybe it’s a blessing, because I didn’t worry about my mother’s visit at all. Until now. I worried whether my son’s well again, if it’s okay to eat just a little cheese (no), whether this dreadful flyer will ever be made (maybe), whether I’ll ever have the space to write down the song that’s been in my head since Sunday (sung part of it into my PDA), and then it all went boom, when I remembered that my mother will be here for the next week.

So I’ve been making a little Might-Have-Done-List:

  • prepare guest room
  • plan meals and go grocery shopping
  • clean house
  • clean child
  • look up movie theatres and films
  • organize get-together with relatives living in this town

But my son told me that he and my mother-in-law have spent all afternoon in the garden, making it look nice. So all’s well. After all she’s my mother. We can shop and clean together.

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