Mar 122006

I think every musician once in a while comes to a point, where he’s not certain of his right to be called a musician. Even „real“ musicians like Amanda of the Dresden Dolls. I have been hoping for my official artist’s badge since being a teenager. – No success.

Maybe I should frame my M.A. in music education … But that’s the same M.A. a friend of mine has, who told me recently „…but I’m not a real musician, not like you.“

Is that the musician’s badge? And how long does it last? When I’m not performing, practicing little, and haven’t written music for half a year? Am I a musician not being very creative or am I a fake?

I asked my husband, how to see the difference, and he said that I’m a musician if I’m making music and a composer if I’m composing. Yeah! How long do the two-and-a-half songs I’ve written so far last? I started too late, but there’s nothing, I can do about this.

If I had one or two own CDs, this would be a little elongated maternity leave. But if you’re starting songwriting right in the middle of your son’s toddler years and then stop for half a year, because you want to improve your piano skills first, so that your songs don’t sound like Bjork’s song for voice and piano on „Medulla“, it’s quite pathetic. I’d say, I’ll only post, when I’ve written something new, but maybe that’s to long a time …

(Addendum: After writing this – a few days ago – I actually started writing a new song! Am really excited.)

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