Apr 102008


Time for the Just Post Roundtables again! For those of you new to this this is a monthly thing where Mad, Jen, Hel, and I collect links to posts about social justice. Everybody can send links to posts written by others or themselves, and then we end up with a nice list of interesting posts.

Did you realize that it has been three months since the baby shower? Back then we wanted to do a little more than just write about social justice and so a couple of us decided to take action towards social justice too. How has it been going for you? Were your commitments doable? Fun?

I still feel like I should be doing more but that’s a feeling very familiar to me, and applicable to all aspects of my life so I just tell that nagging little voice to shut up. And go on knitting tiny socks. (I committed to knit at least one pair of preemie socks every month for Frühchenstricken.)

Even small actions do make a difference. Really. So here’s the roundtable list for you:

Beth with Have you gotten greener?
Beyond the fields we know with Thursday Poem – Testimony
Bob Dylan with Arbor Day
bon with In Praise of Universal Health Care
Carrie with People are people
Chicky Chicky Baby with Both ends of the spectrum of animal abuse
Daisy with Stranger than fiction, my job is, Teddy bear, teddy bear and Politics as usual – or not
Fretful with Sense of pride
Gary in Thailand with Free Tibet
Gina with Three trillion dollars, four thousand dead, five years, one man and Not your sweetie
Girlgriot with Believing the hype
Heart in San Francisco with What art is not
Jen with My sad lament and Unhappy Anniversary
Julie Pippert with The United States: it’s okay, it’s an easy mistake to make
Kelly with Anti-poverty protesters shut down city council meeting
Kevin Charnas with Running to save
Kevin at Life has Taught Us with Olympic Spirit and Is this the Olympic Spirit?
Kyla with What would you say? and The Interview and Where I’m Not
Lost White Kenyan Chick with Food for thought for International Women’s Day
Maithri with Beyond borders
Mary with Five years forward, a thousand years back
Mir Kamin on BlogHer with Attention 8-Year-Olds: You Should Be Pampered, Primped, and Hairless
Mother-Woman with Where Was I?
No Caption Needed with The silent costs of war
Pixiedust with Great-full Friday: Community
Reluctant Housewife with My Gayest Look
Sandra with I am not an aboriginal woman
Superlagirl with The drymouth will fade, but the involuntary movements are yours to keep forever
Susanna’s sketchbook with We can do it
Susanne with Body image, or Would you recognize your own belly button?
Suzanne Reisman on BlogHer with Legalize Prostitution
The Expatriate’s Kitchen with Is it just me
The Elementary with Everything we have , One for the road and No man is an island
WhyMommy with One regret

Some of the Just Readers

Please check out what Mad, Jen, and Hel, are saying this month too. Thank you all for participating by writing, and reading.

  3 Responses to “March Just Posts”

  1. I love the little socks.

    And I know the feeling of not finding the time to do more. Since I started studying the only volunteering I’ve had time for is helping a non-english speaking classmate with stats homework

  2. love the socks. i wrote a little bit about my gift for the baby shower today. thanks for doing the just posts every month–they are so, so important.

  3. Those socks are splendid!

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