May 042009

tarot card pouch

And again an old photo. I don’t think I ever showed you these tarot card pouches that I made before my husband and I went to Paris. I made them from leftover fabric without a pattern.

For the color red there were almost too many pictures to choose from, or things around the house. I love red and orange.

I wanted to write a real blog posts for a change today but I have a massive headache. Maybe tomorrow.

This is part of Projekt “Farbe bekennen”.

May 012009

This is a project where bloggers explore color for the next 23 days. There’s a specific color for each day. You can see the details (sorry, German only) on the blog “Frühlingsgefühle“. I love the name of the blog, by the way, it’s spring feelings, and that’s the German name for the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, and falling in love that you get with spring. (Well, you do, I go in hiding, obviously. I’m not a spring person but I like new beginnings and possibilities too.) I found this through sew-mad.

I’m a bit reluctant about committing myself to post every day for any length of time but then it’s only a picture. (I also will prepare some in advance.)

So, here’s my picture for the color white: