Aug 282011

Well, as you might have noticed I mainly stayed away from the blog. After a rainy and cold start we have had fully blown summer weather, and we tried to make the most of it while it lasted.  So this is just a quick post to tell you what happened till the end of July:

I went to a friend’s party in Bamberg:


Bamberg 2011

I went to another Creative Arts Breakfast Meeting

Rode my bike to a nearby “Biergarten”

Biergarten Krailling

Took my son to see the Smurf movie. Went there by bike. It was my first ever 3D movie. I think I prefer the 2D kind.

Went to a fellow writer’s birthday party, brought my guitar along and sang to songs for her.

Along with my husband and son rode my bike to the Andechs monastery again. We tried a new route that was brutal. I saw this for the first time ever:


After three hours of biking we absolutely had earned this:


and then we went all the way back home again.

Went to a writer’s meeting.

I had ordered a new spindle at the beginning of summer break and after only ten days it arrived. (I had ordered it because I found I need a medium weight one for the big sweater project I’m doing.) It’s a Bosworth Mini made of redheart wood, and it weighs 19 grams. It spend fabulous, and is very pretty.


Invited two of our neighbors over for barbecue. They’ve been living next to us for seven years now but this was the first time ever that we did anything together. We had a very enjoyable afternoon and evening. My son’s besets friend came over as well and stayed overnight. Since we started in the afternoon, and it’s impossible to have anybody over after lunchtime without offering cake in Germany I made this:


Then we did our very first space clearing ever. Before we had had the impression that the house was full of bad vibes from the people who lived here before us. Now we feel much better.

space clearing

Then I got two packages in the mail. the first one is from LabCat from the US who tried to send this at the beginning of May because we did a swap. Well, after two months the package was back with her, German customs hadn’t wanted it to enter the country, for whatever reason. Since she spent the beginning of August in the UK she sent it again, and here it is:

vstring package

And on the very same day I got a package from the “fiber fairy”. No, really. In the revelry group I love the most there is a tradition of sending people fiber anonymously. Mostly when they’re having a bad time. Imagine my surprise when Dan of Gnomespun fiber sent me a message telling me that he needed my address because the yarn fairy had wanted to send me a gift. Wow. And it’s gorgeous. I’d say that I can’t wait to spin it but actually knowing myself it will be some time before I’ll get around to it.

gnomespun firebird

The another trip to the beergarden. Yes, we love it there. It’s in reasonable biking distance, it’s big and has gorgeous trees, the food isn’t too bad, and the beer is nice.



I always eat the same food there:

krailling again

And there were so many wasps that my son’s soft drink needed a cover:

krailling 2

Next thing we bikes to yet a different beer garden again, this time the Hirschgarten right in Munich. We went about 15 kilometers, a little more than an hour. We met a couple of people there (not pictured here):


Last week it was unbearably hot, and we went to a nearby lake so our son could practice swimming, this time by train because it was just too hot to bike, and then, a few days later, we went to a nearby outdoor pool, by bike again.

Then the weather cooled off, and we were happy to stay indoors again, as that is our natural habitat anyways. Of course, next thing we’re heading to Italy for camping. In a tent. We’re already starting to pack, and then we’ll be away for a week or so.

And, very exciting to me, I did manage to publish my very first ever sock pattern on ravelry. You can go and buy it. It’s available in German and English, and it’s anything but dull. Cables, lace, intricate construction, and very enjoyable to knit if I say so myself:

celtic summer socks

Aug 162011
Das Muster für die Celtic Summer Socks – Keltischer Sommer Socken ist fertig und kann käuflich erworben werden:

celtic summer socks

Mehr und schönere Fotos gibt es auf Evas Blog.


Gestrickt und gesponnen habe ich:


Außerdem noch: Wie macht man einen Podcast?

Jul 042011

Gestrickt und gesponnen habe ich:

Es wurde sonst noch erwähnt:

Das große Tour de Fleece-Projekt:

  • ein Kilo “Indian Summer” auf meiner Bosworth Midi zu Wolle für den “Wiseheart Sweater” verspinnen.


indian summer 2


indian summer 1

die Spindel nach dem ersten Tag:


und nach dem zweiten:


Jun 212011

So today I went to meet a bunch of women who help each other reach their respective creative goals. The meeting was very nice, and helpful too but I got a little embarrassed while introducing myself as, “I’m a musician, and a music teacher, and I write stories, and I have a blog, and a podcast, and I knit, and spin.” because it always sounds like I’m accomplishing so much. And who knows, maybe I am, and that’s why I always feel so overwhelmed.

And then somebody mentioned the book “Refuse to choose” that I read some time ago, and that reminded me about how I have wanted to do a map of my house showing all the works in progress that lay around everywhere. And since I don’t usually draw I thought it might be fun to take pictures instead. And then I thought you might like to read about that, so here we go (and since this is a very, very long post you might want to grab a cup of tea or something):


I started at the desk in my studio/office. This is the first sock for my soon to be ready for purchase sock design “Meadow Abstract”. I’m currently knitting the second sock, correcting errors in the pattern, and hopefully soon, I’ll translate the whole thing into English. (Underneath is some tax stuff, and random paperwork.)


Left side of the desk we have guitar tabs for “Road Tripping” a song I’m currently learning to play on the guitar.


This one was sitting in a bag right on top of my desk but it does look better like this, doesn’t it? It’s my current spindle spinning project. The fiber was dyed to go all through the rainbow, and I’m trying to preserve the colors while spinning.


On top of the spinning shelf inside the lazy kate there’s a ball of handspun Merino waiting to be swatched for a sweater, and underneath that some weaving that my son did, that I still need to hem. Don’t mind the green yarn on the bobbin, that’s not a project.


Too lazy to pull that out of its bag, here you see in the front my current wheel spinning project, also in the paper bag some red silk that I started spinning but don’t care about at the moment, and some cotton sliver that I started spinning on a suspended spindle. I don’t consider this a real project because I don’t care if I ever get that finished or not. It’s just for practice.


Big, huge, next spindle project. This is actually a sweater waiting to happen. My huge, big, scary project for July. (Two pounds people, two pounds of Corriedale.)


Piano. With some random sheet music. Playing the piano has been an ongoing project of mine since 1979. Still not finished. Probably never will.


Potholders to be. We’re down to only one pair so I bought some yarn today. After taking this picture I put it in one of the yarn storage boxes in the bedroom.


Pile on top of the stereo speaker: notebooks with stories waiting to be typed into the computer and eventually be published somewhere, book I bought to read for a book club that I never got around to open, and underneath the “Zen of Screaming”-DVD that I have been wanting to work with for about a year or so. Already watched it twice.


Stack of paper next to the computer: “How to make your own deodorant“-recipe that I printed out to have it ready for when I go to the health food store next time.

Next up the former guest bedroom, now the place where we watch TV:


Underneath the table there’s a basket with all my leftover sock yarn in it. Well, most of my leftover sock yarn. This will eventually be a blanket. Now to the bedroom:


Denim skirt to be sewn. I actually finished drafting the pattern, and cutting out the pieces on the day before we left for vacation but some time in the afternoon I finally listened to my husband’s advice, and didn’t try to finish it at all costs before leaving. It really only needs sewing by now…. (And no, I’m not a tidy person. This is draped over two dressers, actually.)


As I said. Underneath this mess is the dreaded mending pile. You see: the box the denim came in, the stuffing for another project that I’ll show you later, the finished sample for my soon to be released “Celtic Summer Sock”-pattern (need to fix errors, take fetching pictures of socks on my not-so-fetching feet, translate pattern into English, and such). Under those are my husband’s beloved Wollmeise socks that have a big honking hole in them, some brown yarn for a sweater I’m knitting, and some handspun Wensleydale. I don’t like the project I made out of it, and now I don’t know whether to rip or not.


Shawl waiting to be blocked.


Socks to wash by hand, table runner to be ironed to get wax out, apron to be ironed.

And off to the kitchen:


Green thread to sew the binding of my green corduroy skirt (that I have been wearing for ages) to the skirt itself.


Spindle with the part of the rainbow fiber on it that I’m currently spinning. Books to read on the kindle, episodes of Buffy to watch. (And lots of things to put away, oops.)


My corner of the kitchen bench in bad light.


Books and magazines that live on their own shelf next to the kitchen bench but I thought it would look better if I spread them out a bit. I have been trying to finish reading “Shadowrise” for ages, and the task is no less daunting for the fact that there is yet another part of that story to read after this one. I’m almost through with both spinning magazines, and some of these days I’ll educate myself about color in spinning so I can start dyeing fiber as well.


Spider sock in progress (lives in the red knitting bag).


Second “Meadow Abstract” sock, see above (orange knitting bag). Yes, my knitting projects are color-coded.


Mossy turtle in progress. That’s the project I need the stuffing for. Not all of the stuffing, mind you. It lives in the beige knitting bag that lives in the green knitting bag but that’s only temporary.


Beginning of sock yarn blanket. That I haven’t worked on for about two months. After taking this picture I transferred these bits, the crochet hooks, and the pattern to the knitting basket shown above.


Never-ending turtleneck sweater of doom. I have been knitting this thing since 2009. I’ve even started writing a song about it. I once was almost at the same point as I’m now, only the thing was too big. Now, after more than 1 1/2 years I’m finally starting to knit a sleeve. I need to calculate the rate of decreases now so this will only take a few weeks or months at least. For some reason I never get around to things like that.

After taking this picture I thought I had found all the works in progress but then I remembered. And went back to the bedroom:


This innocent looking broom handle will eventually become a backstrap loom. I now have everything I need.


Another project, I call it “Let’s get Susanne back in shape.” These are my running shoes.


For recording. This is a podcast waiting to happen, also improvisations waiting to be captured.


Four novel manuscript waiting to be finished. Well, okay, three because I don’t like the first one, and will never do anything with it.


Novel waiting to be edited.

You still with me? No wonder I feel a bit overwhelmed. I think I shouldn’t really start anything new soon. What do you think?


Jun 082011

Gestrickt und gesponnen wurde dieses Mal:

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Podcasting auf Deutsch”-Gruppe

Frohe Pfingsttage!

    May 262011

    As you might have guessed I’m busy, busy again – nothing new.

    I wanted to write about vacationing at home some more, put up a story or two, and tell you all about how I’m failing my “one goal for the year”. And I will, eventually. For now I’m helping my husband prepare for a house concert, He will be playing here at our house tomorrow evening, and we’re getting everything ready while doing our usual teaching and stuff. There’s also a friend of mine visiting whom I haven’t seen for years and years. And I’m planning my knitting classes for fall. This is the picture I took today for my “Knitting perfectly fitting pullovers”-class:


    See you.

    May 152011


    Gestrickt und gesponnen wurde dieses Mal:

    Außerdem habe ich erwähnt:

    sock yarn

    Feb 282011

    Wieder da, wenn auch etwas verschnupft. Entschuldigt bitte nochmals die lange Pause.


    Gestrickt und gesponnen:

    (Auch wenn ich letztens einen ganzen Stapel fertige Stricksachen fotografiert und die Fotos auf meiner Projektseite bei Ravelry eingestellt habe, gibt es von den nachfolgenden Projekten mal wieder keine Fotos.)

    Feb 012011

    So here it is after a bit of procrastination because I found that I was a bit scared of talking English in “public”, the über-long special English of my knitting podcast. Complete with German accent that gets worse towards the end, and a few “Germanisms” thrown in for good measure.

    I mostly talk about all the projects I’ve been working on since August which you can find on my ravelry projects page. Sorry there are so few pictures.

    I mentioned Tini because she gave me the idea for one of the topics, and

    the Ouroborous Sweater by Debbie New.

    Also there is a lot of mention of Wollmeise yarn.

    Jan 122011

    Ein gutes neues Jahr wünsche ich allen und nun zu den guten Vorsätzen:

    Gute Vorsätze allgemein:

    • flylady
    • word of the year (Das ist ein Link zu einem Post von mir, in dem ich über meine Wahl eines “Wort des Jahres” für 2009 schreibe und der Post enthält auch Links zu dem Blog von dem ich die Idee habe.)


    Die nächste Folge wird eine Spezialfolge auf Englisch sein, aber keine Angst, das wird “Best of”, diejenigen, die nicht so gut Englisch können, verpassen nichts wesentliches.

    Was ich gerade stricke und spinne:

    weiter wurden erwähnt: