May 152019

Even the boy said so.

I woke up from the alarm at 5.30 and managed to let time slip through my fingers again until after six. I did write for 25 minutes, at least. Then more internet which meant I had to get up in a hurry to make breakfast. Which was partially alright because the boy was late too but partially not because I thawed blueberries for my husband’s muesli.

Unfortunately it should have been a non-muesli day. Bummer. He used the blueberries and had muesli but was grumbling a bit and saying that he didn’t want to talk to people who were not in their right mind.

I knitted and we talked eventually and then there were dishes and such. I went to the health food store and to the bakery to get something nice for everybody’s breakfast today, and then I very reluctantly went out to run. I had a low-energy day and only ran for about 500 meters out of my 4.8 k but at least I went out there and ran. And didn’t even realize that the tree that had blocked the path the day before had been gone, so I didn’t take a picture:

IMG 2547

I helped to make lunch:

IMG 2548

It was delicious, very balanced and not too spicy. I ordered 3 kilos of salt on the internet because we’re running out of our favorite one and the shop where I got it before doesn’t have it anymore.

Then I fell into a bad, bad slump after doing the dishes again.

I did eventually get ready for teaching and was lucky that my first student canceled because otherwise I couldn’t have prepared the rest of my lessons.

And then it was time again to do more dishes and get ready for bed. I had had secret plans of sewing, working on the website and writing some more but I felt distinctly meh about everything. I did wash the spinning sample, so that was good and printed the new contracts for the new students.

I talked to my husband about this and wondered if the smaller dose of pregnenolone I’m taking but he said he is feeling equally low so it was probably something else. I’m trying to wean myself off most of my supplements and such. Ideally I want to end up only taking the thyroid medication, the antihistamine and vitamin D. I mean, if we’re talking ideally, the best would be not to have to take anything but I doubt that would make me feel good.

Since I learned that it can take weeks to see the effects when you’re dealing with hormones I am taking things slow. It all started when I couldn’t get the pill, so I decided to try to go without. I’ve been having pretty mild hot flashes that are better when I don’t drink alcohol. After a few weeks of that going pretty well I started taking only half the dose of pregnenolone and that’s where I’m currently at. If I feel good with that I will try going without entirely, and if not I will have to buy more pills.

Today there will be more running and quite a lot of teaching. Maybe some bodyweight training, we’ll see how I feel about it tonight. Not much else because of all the students.

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