May 132019

I had turned the alarm off again and slept in until 6.30 again. Maybe I need to rethink my bedtime. Or my wakeup time. Or both.

I did meditate and write morning pages, had breakfast and knitted and then the rest of the family showed up. The boy had drawn me a picture:

IMG 2537

There were dishes and then my husband and I went to the flower shop to get some for his mother. I called my mother on the phone. We made lunch:

IMG 2540

The very nice wine was a gift from the friends who visited us about a week ago. They have their own vineyard.

Then I sat down in front of the TV with my spinning and the Giro d’Italia to spin a sample for my husband’s sweater and that took all afternoon and so my to do-list stayed unchecked.

IMG 2541

The boy and I spent an hour with the teaching website after that. We didn’t make a lot of progress but it still helped. He basically held my hand while I explained to him what I had done so far. I might have bought another WordPress Theme.

And then we watched both „Voyager“ and „Deep Space Nine“. I continued knitting on the Crazy Tee and just at the end of the first episode I found that I hadn’t read the pattern properly and had skipped loads of crucial increases. So I had to rip back about forty rows.

After that I finally planned out the week in my Bullet Journal and went to bed.

Today there will be running and teaching and not a lot more. This will be a pretty full week with all the teaching.

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  1. 40 rows? 😫

    • Yep, 40 rows. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though, because those were mostly short rows. Since then I’ve already knitted back more than twenty of them.

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