May 092019

I woke up at 5.30 and started reading around the internet right away but managed to meditate and write morning pages after a while. There was no time for fiction, though.

I got up on time but the boy didn’t because he had the first two periods off. He came down for breakfast, though, when I told him his tea was ready.

My husband was a little late for his breakfast and I used the time to start ripping back the first seam on the yoga pants that won’t fit. I was determined to make the best of the day for once.

I knitted a bit while my husband had breakfast, did the dishes right away, my husband put a load of laundry in and went to the farmer’s market for potatoes while I went running.

I did the whole 7.2 k but I have to admit I did mostly walk and ran only a little:

IMG 2520

I was lucky, it was gray and warm while I was out and only started drizzling when I got back home.

IMG 2521

I was trying to run without looking at my pace or heart rate. I had tried the same the day before but my Fitbit told me anyway. There had been that issue that the Fitbit was vibrating at me every 400 meters and I couldn’t find out how to stop it. In the app on my phone I had set it to give me the pace every kilometer.

Well, the boy was the one who had the right idea when he said, „Are there two places for these settings?”

Yep. Took me a bit of digging but I found the right place and ran with all notifications turned off.

Turns out that that made me really, really slow and a little unmotivated. So I think I’ll go back to hearing all about my pace every kilometer.

I came back home a little exhausted and had a snack. Then my husband showed up and when we started making lunch in earnest it turned out we had a major grocery fail because we were out of all veggies but spinach and peas. So I put some shoes on and went to the health food store again.

Took a shower, came back to an overwhelmed husband who would have needed help with all the fresh herbs and such and had an early lunch:

IMG 2522

After we were finished the boy came back from school so I talked a little with him, then remembered the load of laundry and hung that up instead of doing the dishes.

Taught all the students, had another one wanting to stop lessons, saw the potential new student, made the boy play piano and do bodyweight training, stared at the novel for ten minutes without doing much and turned out the lights.

So, while my mood was better than the day before and I got a lot of small things done none of the big projects got moved forward. The good thing is that the boy and I have a date on Sunday (which is Mother’s Day here in Germany) to work on the teaching website together. I hope that that will make me get my act together. He is very interested in all things design at the moment, so that might help.

Today there will be grocery shopping, sewing and teaching. I know, wild.

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