Apr 192019

We sanded from 9.30 to 12 and then again from 2.30 to 8. So I spent my day sitting or kneeling on pieces of cardboard on a nubbly stone floor pressing the sander against the balcony railing. At least I was in the shadow a lot of the time.

There was spaghetti bolognese with red beet salad for lunch:

IMG 2433

The boy sent us a picture of some Chinese calligraphy he had done. I guess that means he is fine.

I had a beer and an ibuprofen (and yes, I know you shouldn’t mix the two) and went to bed.

Since today is Good Friday we might do a little lights sanding by hand because we didn’t get finished yesterday and we still need to tackle the spaces where the sanders can’t reach and there will be even more sanding on Saturday.

Somewhere in between I want to bake the annual Osterfladen, no idea when and how.

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