Apr 132019

Woke up, meditated, wrote my morning pages and was all set to start writing at six when the boy turned up to take a shower (he usually showers in the evenings but had so much school stuff to do the night before that he decided to get up early instead) and he also wanted an early breakfast.

So I decided to write after breakfast because there would be ample time then, got up and made breakfast. And then didn’t write.

My husband got up, we talked and I knitted a few rounds on the toe socks and then we got going. I changed the sheets on my bed and started a load of laundry and did most of the weekly cleaning. And then it was time to go out for lunch:

IMG 2416

IMG 2417

The food was rather good and the restaurant not crowded at all.

Then we went back home, I published the podcast and taught all the students.

After that the boy and I decided to reschedule bodyweight training and to just watch ‚Star Trek: Beyond‘. I liked it even though it is completely different than all Star Trek before. It bothered me until I reframed it into the ‚alternate universe‘-narrative. And made peace with how contemporary movies are structured. It’s all about the visuals and the action.

Then I went to bed.

Today marks the start of Easter break. I have plans but I am not sure if I should do taxes or sort wool first. Which is always a little dangerous because if I have two things that I want to achieve on a day off I usually end up doing neither. Oh, and then writing would be a very good idea, indeed. And I want to set up the Knaben board again. It has been bare for a week now and the pen and sticky notes are sitting there all ready.

Okay, I’ll decide right after breakfast and stick to the plan then. There will certainly be running and I need to cut the boy’s hair and help him pack for his upcoming trip.

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  1. Do taxes or sort wool…. Hm. Hard decision. Bin gespannt, wofür du dich dann entschieden hast.

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