Apr 092019

I didn’t sleep all that well and woke up before the alarm. This might have been due to the champagne and a beer the night before. Drat.

I was all set to start writing but the words weren’t there. In the end I compiled what I had into a file that I could put on my ebook reader and spent twenty minutes just reading. Sometimes things just move slowly.

My head was all filled with the topic for the podcast and I did preparation for that after breakfast. My husband got up late and I plied some yarn on a spindle during his breakfast.

Then there were dishes and a quick trip to the health food store (I didn’t really have time for that but we were in dire need of bananas.) and the bakery and then I went running. In the rain. Husband is feeling much more optimistic because it is raining again. (He had these visions of the apocalypse arriving right this instant where we were stuck in a perpetual draught that would leave a desert behind. I don’t think we’re quite there yet.)

Running was meh, my whole body just wanted to crawl back into bed all day to get more sleep:

IMG 2403

IMG 2404

I hopped into the shower instead of helping to make lunch because I needed my hair as dry as possible for the podcast. Lunch was black beans and rice:

IMG 2406

Then I put on makeup, did my singing warmup, set up the microphone and lights and recorded the podcast. The mic disconnected twice which was making me grumpy. I will look into going back to the old laptop for recording the next time because this is ridiculous. And all because of that thunderbolt socket which calls for using two adapters to connect it to FireWire.

But. I did get the podcast recorded before my first student.

I taught the students of the day, signed up for a webinar about finances for women on the same day, started this post, did some planning for the second quarter of the year, watched the webinar while plying more yarn and went to bed almost on time.

Today there will be a short run, teaching from three to 7.30 with loads of breaks during which I will probably work on the podcast and then strength training. Okay, I admit that that is unlikely to happen that late. We’ll see.

I also signed up for yet another webinar about money and mindset at midnight but I won’t watch that live, there will be a recording. I’m only a little crazy, not completely off the rocker.

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