Feb 112019

It was thirteen years ago that I started blogging. First on blogger under „Diapers and Music“ and then here. And now I have been blogging daily for 517 days in a row.

The other day I was bemoaning the fact that I can’t seem to get into a daily writing habit. Duh.

Yesterday I woke up from the alarm and had actually gotten enough sleep. That was good. But my energy levels were still not where I wanted them and so it became clear very soon that the only possible thing would be a day off.

I basically spent all my day sitting around reading.

There was a bit of knitting:

IMG 2229

Over the course of the day I did finish that hat but it turned out to be too small. I will either rip back and re-knit or I will surgically remove the ribbing at the bottom and knit on in the wrong direction. I’m not quite sure yet.

There was some yoga:

IMG 2230

There was wonderful lunch, warm and filling:

IMG 2231

The beans were a little undercooked but still.

I did play some games on the iPad in the afternoon and knitted while listening to my audiobook (that guy is completely, certifiably crazy but it’s still an interesting book), read a little, erased all the progress from my running app so I can restart half marathon-training again today, then watched an episode of „Deep Space Nine“ with two perfectly intersecting storylines, then procrastinated a bit, did some dishes, set my bullet journal up for this week and still managed to go to bed on time-ish.

That’s my big goal for this week, by the way, getting enough sleep every single night. And to write lots and lots of words. And to do all my workouts.

I can’t promise that I’ll be blogging for another thirteen years but for now I’m not going anywhere.

Thanks for reading.

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