Feb 082019

I’m happy but need to go to bed earlier.

I put on my fake discipline again and wrote and meditated and such before my husband showed up at 6.45. Seems we are having a new morning routine.

There was breakfast and crochet and everything like usual. But then we moved things around a bit because the guitar was scheduled to arrive that morning while we had planned to visit the guy who used to own the local music shop. There is no local music shop anymore, which is sad.

So I left the dishes dirty and went grocery shopping first. I totally expected to do them when I came back but instead my husband had dealt with them. He had also started lunch-making already. Bolognese sauce doesn’t mind simmering for a few hours and that made lunchtime less stressful.

I came back and put the groceries away and then my husband went off for his visit.

Meanwhile I tried writing some more while looking after the boiling beets, the simmering sauces and the celery to be prepared for freezing. I wonder why that writing session was not quite as productive as I had hoped.

Just before we sat down for lunch the guitar arrived. It is gorgeous. It’s also pretty heavy. I have not idea yet, how it sounds but my husband says it is a joy to play.

Then there was lunch:

IMG 0057

After lunch I did okay at first, did the dishes and all but then started procrastinating.I wanted to do all the things and that usually leaves me paralyzed.

So I pushed myself a bit and started sewing the yoga pants. I now have two legs. And hours later I finally realized why I had so much trouble with the thread. I should have used a different needle. Duh.

I also think that the pants won’t fit me but there is only one way to find out.

Then I made a little music, taught one student, researched music teachers’ websites and WordPress themes, converted the two CDs that came with the vocal workout book to MP3 so I can play them on my new computer, the one without a CD drive, taught two more students, waited for the boy to come down, started this post and did some strength training. Oh, and made pizza dough.

I should have written some more but I found myself so tired that I opted to get ready for bed immediately and just read a little before turning the lights out early.

Today there will be the weekly cleaning, some writing, the making of pizza, quite a bit of teaching including two new students, one I’ve never seen in person and one that already was here once before. In between I might try to work a little more on the book cover design course.

I have no idea if the boy and I will watch anything, I’ll be teaching rather late. And then it will be the weekend.

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