Jan 302019

I’m not quite sure if I was productive or not. I think I was but my to do-list did not get checked off.

Woke up shortly before the alarm, did the usual morning things but forgot to meditate.

My husband showed up at seven when I was trying to squeeze a little writing in before making breakfast. Breakfast was had. We talked. I crocheted.

There were dishes and laundry and I went to the bakery and the health food store and to another shop for toilet paper. I came home and helped to make risotto:

IMG 2199

It was really good.

I felt achy and without energy all day. A hormonal thing. But that made me fall into a bit of a slump after lunch. The boy always comes home later than usual for lunch on Tuesdays and so I spent my break after lunch first talking to him and then playing a game on my iPad. I also researched birthday gifts for my husband’s aunt and uncle. And I helped the boy order his speakers and graphic tablet. He finally decided what he wanted to spend his birthday and Christmas money on. And I did a little admin for teaching. And helped my husband with something computer-y.

So my plan of using the time I had gained from a student canceling went out the window. Well, I did use the time, only not the way I had planned.

Then another potential new student called. In my addled state I told her to come in today at the same time as another student because I was convinced today was Thursday. Luckily I realized it just half an hour later, called her again and fixed it.

I taught my students. Another potential new student called, this time for my husband.

I worked on my Patreon newsletter. I felt too exhausted and achy to do strength training so I just did ten pushups on my desk. I still wanted to research music teaching websites and write some more but that didn’t happen.

I ate dinner. I finished reading a book. I went to bed.

I’m hoping for more energy today. I want to go running, prepare the podcast, write, teach all the students, and do some other things that I’ve forgotten right now. 

Fortunately that is not a problem.

Because I have a list.

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