Jan 192019

Woke up shortly after five again which was not the best start into the day after going to bed too late. I wrote morning pages in an attempt to process everything that had happened over the past two days.

Then I sat with the novel for some time but the words weren’t flowing.

Got up around seven and my husband showed up right after I had started the boy’s coffee.

Breakfast was had. I waited for the next installment of the Sweet Pea blanket CAL. It came pretty early but all I had time for was putting the color order into my knitting app.

I did the dishes, dressed in real clothes and took the train to the next town over. Went to the doctor, got my prescription for the thyroid medication, went to the nice health food store and bought all the meat, potato chips and saffron (as one does). Unfortunately they were out of my favorite mint tea.

Took the train back home, stopped by the pharmacy, went home and cleaned the house.

Then we made pizza together (there might have been misunderstandings again) and had lunch. I forgot to take a picture of my first slice, so here’s the second one:

IMG 2163

Then I worked on the podcast again and found that access to this blog is erratic still. Sorry, I already sent a message to support.

First student canceled so I had more time for the podcast. Taught some more students with a bit of podcast-editing in between.

There was an email from a potential new student for me, yay! I sent an email back and found, yet again, that I can’t send emails from the teaching website’s address. Another technical problem to add to my growing list. Still, I did send him an answer and am hoping that he’ll come in for a test lesson.

And then I had a phone call from another potential new student. I called her back and she will come in on Monday. Very good. (She saw out sign on the fence. Ha!)

Then I waited for my video to upload to youtube, did a short bout of strength training with the boy.

There was leftover pizza in front of TV and some crochet but not for long because my husband wanted to watch soccer.

And then my energy for the week was gone.

Today there will be running and/or walking and then I’ll work on all the projects. Simultaneously.

Or fall into the Saturday slump. One or the other.

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