Jan 082019

For once I slept until the alarm rang, and then decided to write morning pages instead of the novel. Might have been a mistake because that made me grumpy for most of the morning.

Got up, made breakfast for the boy and me, he was up on time with no problem and got to school alright. He walked because of all the snow and slush.

My husband showed up around eight when I had thought he’d be up an hour earlier. After his breakfast we both got ready to go running but I wrote for fifteen minutes first. Result: instant mode boost, duh.

Went running and realize that it was more slipping and sliding and sinking into slush. My feet were wet five minutes after leaving the house (maybe I should get different running shoes for winter after all) and even my husband walked most of the way because running was just not feasible.

It was great, though. There were almost no people out, I met three cross-country skiers and two people with dogs but that was it.

IMG 2138

IMG 2140

I’m still amazed how wading through slush while cold can make me happy but apparently it does. Which is one of the reasons I continue doing it.

When I came back home my mother-in-law asked me to get something from the pharmacy for me. No problem but when I came back my toes felt like icicles.

I helped a little with lunch which was really great:

IMG 2141

Then I did the dishes right away, found that we’re all out of chocolate put on makeup and grown-up clothes and went over to the annex.

I did my singing warm-up and piano exercises, hung up a load of laundry, watched a TED talk while spinning and then my first student showed up ten minutes early. I taught, started writing this blog post, decided to have something for dinner after all because I was starving, did more dishes, started reading „Etiquette & Espionage“ by Gail Carriger for the read-along and turned the light out early.

Today there will be errands and the health food store and lots and lots of students. Not that much more, I guess. I have a break in between that I’d love to use for watching the book cover design course a bit more. But it’s pretty easy to squander away little breaks like that. I have thought about keeping a list of quick things I can do when I have a few minutes in between but the problem mostly is that I just sit down at the computer, check email, twitter and instagram and then my break is gone.

And as you all know, it’s not really about time management, the me-management is more of a problem but I am rather excited about a few new things that I learned that will make all the difference. Of course they will.

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