Jan 012019

I woke up too early, wrote my morning pages and then basically spent the day hanging around doing nothing. I read a third through a new novel, that’s how much time I spent on my ass.

I did go out early to get the makings for lunch, though, so that was good. (Easy lunch, three shops, thirty minutes of walking.)

I went late but I did go running. Slowly. Only 5k:

IMG 2111

IMG 2112

IMG 2113

Chilly and wet, it was fabulous. Waterproof running shoes would have been nice, though. But cashmere-merino socks are almost as good.

We had our lunch:

IMG 2114

More like a snack, really, but we wanted to leave room for dinner. And don’t worry, I ate twice that portion. And some chocolate.

My mother-in-law called, she will stay in the hospital for a day or two longer. No mention of her headaches. Puzzling.

Then I finally took a shower and painted my toenails. Read some more. Thought about doing my new Kanban board. Well, actually the plan is to put post-its on the side of the fridge. It would be nice to have the board in my studio but then every student coming in would be able to see my goals for the quarter. I don’t need them quite that public, thank you very much.

I have been thinking about that goal-setting and the self-sabotage and the public accountability-thing a lot lately. I might do better in reaching my goals if I didn’t post them everywhere on the internet. Like when I started losing weight in secret.

I’m also thinking about making my goals and tasks into a kind of challenge or game so that they will be more fun. Powering through with a clenched jaw obviously is not working for me at all. Telling myself that I absolutely have to do something usually just makes me go, „Nope. You can’t make me.“ And dig my heels in. Which is a bit frustrating if you’re aiming it at yourself. (I get that that reaction is also rather frustrating when it’s aimed at others. Still.)

On the other hand I don’t want to live in a perpetual NaNoWriMo-frenzy. So. Thinking. And waffling. Should I set quarterly goals? It certainly sounds better than yearly ones at the moment. Should I do the Kanban thing? I was all fired up about it and bought all these nice colored sticky notes. Ugh.

Then we made the cheese fondue.

IMG 2115

It was very, very good but heavy and I feel like I don’t really need any cheese today.

And then we watched the second Star Trek movie and some „Deep Space 9″.

And „Dinner for One“, of course. Tradition needs to be kept up.

We had some champagne and watched the fireworks from the inside and then we finally went to bed.

Today there won’t be much, I’m sure. I might set the Kanban board up, we might visit my mother-in-law in the hospital, I might do some strength training, I have no idea. I will certainly set my bullet journal up for January, though. I’ll continue using the one that still has thirty pages left, not the new one I bought.

I definitely want to attend Orna Ross’ webinar tonight, I’m looking forward to it. When I started watching these I wouldn’t have thought that I would come to like them so much. Go figure.


Thanks for reading my daily blabber here, I really appreciate that and I wish you all a happy, healthy and sane year 2019. Cheers.

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