Dec 302018

Let’s just say for a day where I got less than six hours of sleep the night before I did very well.

Woke up at 5.30, wrote my morning pages and then actually started writing some fiction after publishing the blog post. Phew. I had great plans of continuing after breakfast but got totally distracted over breakfast. I desperately needed to buy yet another non-fiction book, one that promises to tell me how to make myself do the things I want to do.

Seems the December book-buying ban is officially a bust. Though I must say I bought way less books than usual, so maybe the whole thing was okay after all. Not quite sure yet.

I knitted a bit. The boy had to get up early to walk my mother-in-law to the pharmacy. I did the dishes and went for a run. It was clear and freezing and wonderful and there were completely different people out there than usual. And not very many:

IMG 2107

IMG 2108

Then I came home to a husband who was rather stressed because we didn’t have anything we needed to make lunch. Or so he thought. The lentils were hiding in an unusual spot because there was no space in the place we usually put them. So lunch was a little late but wonderful:

IMG 2109

My list was long, I wanted to do some more writing, practice, vacuum, clean washbasins and toilets, cut the fabric for the yoga pants and go grocery shopping.

So first I had to wait for an hour until my mother-in-law had finished her nap because I wanted to ask her what she needed from the grocery store. Then I walked there and back (twenty minutes each) and then I was pretty much done for the day.

I had looked at the book cover design course in the morning and talked to my mother-in-law then as well.

The boy and I watched some Star Trek, we are having some slower episodes at the moment. Since I have finished plying the advent calendar (sorry, still no picture) I have pulled out the second spinning wheel with the project I’m having on it right now. Because one of my goals for this month was to spin every day. And the month isn’t over yet.

Since I binge-ate in a spectacular fashion the night before I was very determined to prevent a repeat performance last night. I declared that I would get myself ready for bed the minute I entered the old part of the house again after watching TV and to do my journaling and more writing in bed instead of the kitchen. Because the kitchen holds all the food and that can be a bit tempting, especially when you’re overtired and discontent.

Anyways, it worked which also meant that I managed to turn the lights out on time for once. Phew.

Today. I will do all the things I had wanted to do yesterday plus a little yoga. And plan out the week ahead.

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