Dec 242018

Another day where I woke up stupid early. This is starting to get ridiculous.

And didn’t write.

I did manage to have breakfast on time and I did meditate for ten minutes. Also, I joined the body and sleeves on the Owligan. Then it was almost time to get ready to take the bus to where my mpther-in-law is in the hospital.

Everything went well, I had bought the ticket in advance, even. I have to say, buying tickets with my phone without any paper involved still feels like magic to me.

We were lucky, it was supposed to be raining all day but in the end we only got a little damp when we were walking back home from the station again.

Lunch at the Turkish restaurant in that other town was fantastic. The boy was slightly confused because there were three vegetarian main dishes to choose from.

Then we went to see my mother-in-law. She looks fine and might even come home later today. She can walk around using a walker and seems very much herself. It seems that getting a pacemaker is not major surgery like I thought it was.

There was more discussion about the bratwurst for Christmas and I will go to the butcher first thing today, right after breakfast to get all the brats for all the family.

We were home earlier than I thought we would be and then I basically did nothing again. (I’m getting better and better at that, practice makes perfect, you know.)

I did update my laptop’s OS, though, and it seems that everything is still working. Phew.

Then the boy and I watched Star Trek while eating chocolate truffles and I was spinning the next to last batch of advent calendar fiber. Today will be the last and then plying. I’m planning to ply the first two bobbins tomorrow and the second two the day after.

Today there will be the buying of the bratwurst and running and cooking Christmas dinner and I’m also hoping for writing and normalcy. There will also be the opening of presents. Very few of those which is fine by me.

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