Dec 222018


  • Vanilla is the New Black for my husband: finished
  • Burgundy Stockbridge: finished
  • GumGum socks:
  • Scary Blythburgh: started
  • Spoke-hat for my husband: finished
  • Garter Mitts for my husband: started and ripped back, there’s probably not enough yarn
  • Brown Cria: finished
  • Wolkig-Cowl: finished
  • Carbeth-Cardigan: finished
  • Crazy Tee: started, not sure about it
  • Vanilla is the new black for myself: done
  • Breamore: finished
  • Gloamintide-KAL: finished


  • Extra squares for Sophie’s Universe: finished the second one
  • Bought yarn for the Sweet Pea CAL:
  • Ripple blanket for my son: finished
  • Color pooling cowl


  • Advent calendar from Stefis Wolle
  • Started to card merino and BFL for Starry Nights Cowl
  • Burgundy merino
  • Merino/silk for Gloamintide

Project Wardrobe:

  • Kew-dress: almost finished
  • Alabama Studio top: finished


What I talked about in the last nine episodes:

  1. Summer slump
  2. Spinning with numbers? Or feeling?
  3. Handywoman
  4. Haberdashery
  5. In the Footsteps of Sheep
  6. How to knit a sweater that actually fits
  7. The queen of large-scale projects
  8. Ongoing large-scale projects
  9.  December plans

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