Dec 222018

So that was interesting.

I had gone to bed a little later than usual but still around 10 pm and then I woke up around 4 am with a bad case of the brain weasels. Not the anxious, panicky ones, fortunately, but the excited, over-motivated ones. Still, more sleep would have been really nice.

And then I was basically too tired to do anything productive for the rest of the day. No writing in the morning, nothing. I did look through all my bullet journals from this year to find out what I had originally planned for the wardrobe project (nothing, it seems) and then I sat down and drew up a plan to follow next. And if I manage to sew two garments per month for the upcoming year I’ll get everything done. Says Ms. One-t-shirt-the-whole-year.

Everything took ages. Nothing got cleaned. I did the breakfast dishes, hurray.

I also got my contact lenses from the optician and tried buying a new bullet journal at a local store. Yeah, no dice. So I ordered online yet again.

Came back home, met the boy who had just lugged an old computer home all the way from school. The school was getting rid of it and the boy took the remnants.

Then we went out together and had lunch. Sorry, no picture today but I had duck with cashew sauce. It was pretty good.

When we came back home my mother-in-law was already waiting for us to tell us she’d be going to the hospital to get a pacemaker. There had been talk about pacemakers just a week or two ago but her doctor thought it wasn’t necessary yet and now she was packing up and getting a taxi.

The boy helped her. And she called later that day to say that she will be getting that pacemaker today. I really hope that that will help her.

Then I started to get the podcast ready, taught a few students, ate too much chocolate, (by the way, you guys have opinions about chocolate and licorice; I’ve been told that I need to try Scandinavian licorice chocolate), worked some more on the podcast, did not listen to all of it, watched some Star Trek with the boy and called it a day.

Today there will be running (I hope) and maybe a little baking, we’ll see.

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  1. Ja natürlich, Salmiakki! Die gibt es bei uns in der finnischen Seemannskirche. Und von Marabou gibt es wohl auch eine Sorte mit Lakritzfüllung.

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