Dec 192018

I did continue planning the first quarter of 2019, though.

Woke up around 5.30 again, morning pages, 18 minutes of writing that didn’t reap a lot of words, went online, got up, had breakfast. The boy was nice enough to get up at the usual time even though he had the first period off, so he just went back upstairs after that. We had cake again for breakfast but now it’s all gone. Two pieces went to my mother-in-law and the boy had the last one in the afternoon.

I meditated and such and just when I thought I’d watch some another video I have on my list and start knitting my husband showed up. He built the fire, the boy showed up again (husband was pretty surprised), my husband had breakfast, dishes, you know the drill.

We talked a bit and then I went off to the health food store, back home and then to the optician again. And my contact lenses are now all sorted! Hallelujah! And I am the proud owner of a pair of rather cheap reading glasses as well. Phew. I’ll go back to get the lenses they ordered for me, probably on Thursday and then the optician saga will have an end for now.

When I came back cooking was already in full swing, I didn’t touch anything but the plates when I was setting the table. We had lunch early but the boy had it only after I had started teaching already. Meanwhile my husband had mopped the annex while I was doing dishes again.

Then there was teaching interspersed with goal setting and planning for the first few months of 2019. I’m even debating setting up a Knaben board on the side of the fridge (I think I might have mentioned that a few times already, sorry). Of course, that will make me much more productive and have me reach all my goals and dreams until the end of March. Or so.

Then there was a bit of strength training and the boy played the piano, I actually attempted something like cooking. My husband was teaching rather late and there were some spaghetti that needed to be eaten so I did the famous ‚fried spaghetti with scrambled eggs‘-leftovers. Then I spun my advent calendar while watching some more stuff on productivity (yeah, I know), did not eat anything for once and basically keeled over.

The one thing on my list that I didn’t get done was preparing the next podcast episode but that’s alright because I’ll be able to do that today.

Today there will be running and probably buying potatoes at the farmer’s market and more writing and maybe a bit of music making for a change. And teaching. Oh, and preparing the epic English podcast episode.

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