Dec 132018

And this is why it’s a bad idea to take your feelings too serious.

As I said I did watch that video „Plan your 2019 writing schedule“ and that got me thinking about my goals and how I keep expecting myself to write about three times as much as I actually do and how that in turn makes me feel lousy. And so I spontaneously decided to cut my goal in half (something that came recommended in the book „Finish“ by Jon Acuff as well) and just aim for finishing the novel-in-progress until the end of January.

And lo and behold I did write again almost first thing in the morning. And it was fun.

I did wake up form the alarm because with talking to my husband and journaling and then being too tired to get ready for bed I turned the lights out around 11. Which made me somewhat tired all day. Funny that.

Still, I did write for 22 minutes before getting out of bed, then breakfast and the usual.

My husband went running pretty early and I stayed behind in case the mailman brought the expected package(s). I really loved that time alone at home and spent it reading and planning a new knitting project and just doing free-flowing project stuff. Ha!

When I went running afterwards it was already really late so I used that as an excuse to only run 3.2 k. The weather was lovely if muddy:

IMG 2056

I came back, took a shower and helped to make lunch. My husband even thought of making a double batch of sauce for the lasagna he has planned to make soon:

IMG 2058

Just when I came back from the shower my husband was livid. The mailman had pulled up in front of our house, my husband had waited for him to ring the bell, and then the big yellow truck just went off again. There was a slip in the mailbox. „We were unable to deliver your package in person, please get it from the post office.“ Now, my husband had basically been standing next to the door at the point that they were „unable to deliver“, my mother-in-law was home and he hadn’t rang upstairs either, and our door bell was working properly (we checked). Now I will have to walk to the post office today and stand in line for ages just because that mailman didn’t see fit to ring our bell. Not good.

Then I worked on the book cover design workshop a bit. I find GIMP really hard to grasp, not intuitive at all. But I’ll get there. I keep running into issues like, „Okay, I’ll just grab that text layer and move it over a bit. Wait a minute, why isn’t that working? How does one grab a text layer? Why can’t I move it?“ And then I get to look up how to do it. Which is why it’s important to actually try doing things instead of just nodding along to the video.

Then there wasn’t enough time left to do the lunch dishes. Pity.

I taught a few students and then found that my husband was in the kitchen doing that huge mount of dishes. At least I got to help drying them. Then another student.

Then I watched the replay of a mediocre webinar on book cover design but hey, you can always learn something. I just did it while spinning my advent calendar fiber. Oh, and that knitting project I was planning? It did start with yarn that I already have but that yarn is probably not enough for the Owligan I want to make. So now I’m contemplating spinning for it. Of course. It should go quickly because the yarn is super bulky but I’m not quite sure I can spin that thick. We’ll see.

Then the usual journaling and reading (started a new book yesterday, „The Vampire Knitting Club“, I really love it so far) and then to bed.

Today will be pretty exciting with a big grocery run, and the fetching of the package and then, right after lunch, the boy and I will have another appointment with the dermatologist. Which is a very good things because his fingertips are raw and sore again. The treatment is working but only as long as he applies the cortisol cream. Which is not a longterm solution.

So, please cross your fingers that the doctor can help him and also that the appointment ends early enough that I can be back home in time to teach my first student of the day. If the appointment runs late (it’s at 2.30 and my first student is at 4 with only a 15-minute walk in between) my husband has agreed to start teaching him instead of me. It’s a guitar student, so that will help.

Yeah, then teaching until 7 pm and some spinning.

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