Dec 102018

Note to self: you never manage to work on your writing on trains ever, please remember in the future.

All in all the day was rather pleasant. I woke up at six, had a leisurely morning, then breakfast, more leisure, some dishes, getting ready for the spinning meeting including packing and making tea.

I had leftover Spätzle and lentils for lunch at 11.20 and left soon after.

The day was rainy and gray but I only got a little damp on my way there. I didn’t quite travel all the way to the Alps but almost. Very nice and rural.IMG 2047

Somehow this looked much better in real life.

I walked about twenty minutes to where the spinning meeting was and met a lot of people I hadn’t seen in ages. I started spinning the fiber I carded last week. Seem I didn’t do a very good job with the carding, it is a bit bumpy to spin. I guess I’ll need more carding practice.

I left early because I wanted to be back home until seven, got heavily rained upon while walking back to the station, and spent my trip back slightly damp everywhere. That feeling always takes me back to my teenage years where I had to wait for buses in the rain for hours or ride my bike in the rain or walk in the rain. Basically where I lived as a teenager there are more rainy days per year than dry ones.

Every time I start to feel the same as then, though, I realized that nowadays I have shoes that keep my feet dry and a much better coat. The rain never made it all through. Which is much better. Also these days about half of what I wear is made from actual wool which still keeps you warm even when it’s wet.

On my way home I bought some potato chips and chocolate bars. Then the boy and I watched the episode of ‚Deep Space Nine‘ that we didn’t watch through the day before.

Today will be just a regular Monday. You know the drill. And maybe I will even manage to get myself back to writing. I decided that my goal for this week is to make writing fun again.

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