Dec 082018

I did wake up half an hour before the alarm and wrote my morning pages. No fiction writing, though. Breakfast, five minutes of meditation, knitting, my husband’s breakfast, the usual. We decided to not build a fire because it was unseasonably warm and we were planning to make pizza. Not something you cook on a stove.

Not building a fire made us pretty early, which was good. My husband made the pizza dough before going for his run (excellent plan) and I cleaned the house. Well, some of it anyway.

When he came back around noon we immediately started with the pizza. We were both pretty shaken from all the fighting over cooking throughout the week and didn’t want a repeat.

So we started early, made pizza in complete harmony and managed to get lunch ready early. I’m thinking the key might be that I need to approach the cooking as if I were cooking alone with all the thinking and planning, even when my husband is head cook on something. Pizza was really tasty:

IMG 2042

Unfortunately after that there was barely enough time to take a shower and get ready for teaching, no washing of dishes. Oh, and I published the podcast and announced it on social media.

Then back to back students until six. Then strength training. With the boy! He hadn’t done any strength training for a year or so and it is starting to show. His shoulders are sloping again and there might be a hint of paunch. So I tricked him today over lunch. I said, „So, tonight at six, do you want to do strength training alone in your room or together downstairs?”

He said, „I don#t mind doing it together.“ And so I got him. Since I’m me I also explained to him what I had done and that that is a strategy that is often helpful in getting people to do what you want them to. They get a choice but they don’t really get to say no.

So, after my last student he came downstairs and we worked out. Not that I really wanted to at that point, I was exhausted and hungry and wanted to be done with the week. I still don’t regret doing it. But getting back to form will take some time.

I’m also very proud of the boy because he brought home a Latin test that’s a C and a math test that’s an A. Very good. There might be a Latinum in this for him after all.

Then we ate leftover pizza in front of TV while watching Star Trek and I spun my advent calendar fiber.IMG 2044

There were still all those dishes and bakings sheets to clean (and the oven – roasting a whole chicken did leave some residue after all). And I still needed to write my daily words. I’m happy that I wrote every day for the whole week, less happy that I only wrote for 15 minutes each day. But hey, at that pace writing one of the novels in the series will only take 237 days.

Today there will be running (still not sure if I should attempt 9 k or not), the making of chili and guacamole, spinning, writing, watching more Star Trek and the packing for tomorrow’s spinning meeting. Which might include mending a pair of handspun socks, blocking a shawl and carding the rest of the fiber for the cowl. Well, for the first color for the cowl.

I should take good care not to fall into my usual Saturday afternoon slump, then.

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