Dec 042018

Which is the story of my life. I am listening to a video on goal-planning while I’m starting to write this in the hope that different planning will make everything better but honestly, I’m thinking my problem is not in the planning, it is in the slacking off.

So. The day started well even though I went to bed late. (My bedtime might have caused the big afternoon slump, though, just a thought.)

Since writing first thing in the morning never works anyway and I was already wide awake at 5.30 I decided to write some morning pages for a change. They do make a difference when I do them. I’m not quite sure that that difference is worth the twenty minutes they take but on the other hand it’s not like I never waste a minute throughout the day. I did write for fifteen minutes after that and got up in time to make breakfast so that was good.

Had breakfast, read more of the Sarina Bowen book, meditated and then I found that it was almost time for my husband to show up. So I just started watching the video about goal-planning, and three minutes later my husband was ready for his breakfast. Better to interrupt video-watching than writing.

Then I knitted a bit and the tricky bit I was doing took longer than I thought it would. Then I went out for a run:

IMG 2024

I had planned to do 6.4 k with minimal walking and ended up doing 5 k with more walking than running. See, all the planning and goal-setting doesn’t help if you’re stubborn like me. I even dislike it when I tell myself what to do.

There was actual chicken soup for lunch from yesterday’s leftover chicken, very yummy:

IMG 2026

The poor boy had to make do with a spaghetti omelette from other leftovers because you can’t make vegetarian chicken soup. We also ended up with leftover soup which my husband took upstairs to his mother because she is now having that cold that we all enjoyed so much over the past few weeks. Turned out that she had just thought about getting some chicken to make soup that morning, so that was timely.

Then I had a ton of plans of all the things I wanted to accomplish before my first student…

Let’s say that I did do the dishes, took a shower, put on makeup, asked my husband for help with the microphone tests I wanted to do (and he did help me tremendously), thought about whether I want to go to the big spinning meeting next Sunday and researched trains and how to get there from the station (never mind that I’ve been there before repeatedly) and finally watched most of that video I had started in the morning.

Then I taught a few students, met up with the boy to watch ‚Doctor Who‘, spun my advent calendar fiber while watching and then I was left with half my to do-list still undone. I had already crossed out ‚practice‘.

IMG 2027

Then some half-hearted drawing and I to bed almost on time.

Today will be errand day and grocery shopping day, I have a list of four shops I need to go to. I want to spin and write and make music and do some tests for the podcast and do strength training.

That will be fun! And I’ll surely get everything done, no problem!

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