Dec 032018

Woke up at six after a long, wonderful night of sleep. As usual I spent the rest of the day in a mild fog because my body demanded more sleep ASAP. I did manage to get up early and meditate right after breakfast, then I started a new hat:

IMG 2020

It’s very squishy, I mean, the yarn is. And what you’re seeing in the picture is just the gauge swatch, of course.

Then we started making lunch. We were roasting a chicken and that always takes a bit of time so we basically started right after breakfast. While the chicken was in the oven I did some yoga. It’s funny how much of a difference those 25 minutes make, even when I’m not doing them every week. I felt so good that my first thought was that I need to do some yoga every day. I’ll just squeeze that in somewhere…

Lunch was excellent with really good wine:

IMG 2021

(That’s half a chicken with stuffing. Doesn’t look as good as it tasted.)

That was basically it for the day. I did spend a lot of time staring blankly into space, I read most of my way through a web comic the boy recommended (and now I will have to wait for new installments which is just agony), planned the upcoming week, talked with my husband while he was watching ski jumping, avoided writing and spinning and was rather happy when it was time to watch Star Trek with the boy. I spun my advent calendar fiber while drinking some new-to-me local beer:

IMG 2022

IMG 2023

Since I’m reading another Sarina Bowen book I turned the lights out half an hour late but at least I didn’t wait until I had finished the book.

Today there will be running and a little teaching and maybe a microphone test and writing and some learning and who knows, maybe I’ll even manage to practice again.

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