Dec 022018

Since I woke up stupid early I was rather tired and sleep deprived all day.

So, the bad: I only ran 4k and I didn’t work on the novel.

The good: I did run 4k and did everything else on my to do-list, well, apart from drawing.

I did have breakfast really late. Beforehand I had to move all the dirty dishes from the day before over to the living room so I could make breakfast. Bad. I did eat my breakfast so late that my husband was up before I took the first bite of muesli even.

Then I knitted a little, and got the bullet journal ready for December and did all the dishes and then I finally went running, right when my husband came back from his run:

IMG 2016

IMG 2018

Then I helped making lunch, too late, and my husband was not in a great mood. Neither was I so there were words. Note to self: try and keep your calm even if you’re sleep deprived in the future. It will make things much easier.

Then I did the lunch dishes right away, (I was trying to prevent another dirty dish-disaster.) procrastinated for an hour and started spinning the first portion of fiber from my advent calendar. I had opened the bag right after breakfast. It’s a gorgeous color:

IMG 2015

Then the boy and I watched Star Trek and I finished spinning the fiber, I started a new sock, did the dinner dishes and went to bed. I had had plans to write a bit in the evening but I was just too tired.

I’d say for a day where I was that tired things went really well. I did not binge-eat anything, not even cheese, I didn’t even eat a snack, I only ate chocolate right after lunch and I only had one beer in the evening: Usually when I’m that tired I start out with all the great intentions in the world and then break down as the day progresses.

Today there might be yoga and more spinning and some writing, I hope, and a whole roasted chicken for lunch. And reading. And maybe not quite as much time online.


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