Nov 302018

The night before I was so tired and exhausted that I turned the lights out at 8.30. And then I slept all the way until 5.30. So in a way I felt much better yesterday but then I got this heaviness and tiredness that comes from only getting enough sleep once. I’m pretty determined to make early nights a routine occurrence again, though.

I did manage to meditate and to write for 25 minutes right after breakfast, so that was good. My husband showed up and then I tackled the huge mountain of dirty dishes, everything from the day before plus breakfast stuff.

I went and got my passport, went grocery shopping, helped to make lunch:

IMG 2007

Yummy Indian food, and then I was hit with the post-lunch slump.

I did prevail, though, did the dishes and made deodorant. I made the boy leave for his orthodontist appointment on time.

Then I taught my first student, failed to do anything productive in between students, had the boy reschedule his lesson to 6 and the 6 o’clock student cancel because he is sick (not in that order, of course), taught my second student of the day, did some admin stuff for my husband and I, helped the boy practice, made pizza dough (no frozen pizza today, hurray!), wrote some more words, had a brief look at the book cover design course, read a bit and went to bed early again.

Today there will be the writing, the cleaning, the pizza-making, some practice, lots and lots of teaching, a webinar about book covers and branding (very fitting, don’t you think?) and then we’ll go and see a probably not so good metal concert, a CD presentation. We know and like the bass player and the whole thing is at the local youth center.

A good opportunity to force the boy to leave the house and see his first ever heavy metal concert. We’re using him as an excuse to leave early, of course.

And then the weekend. Staying in, watching shows on TV, spinning, writing, going to bed early, you know, the usual.

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