Nov 172018

Despite not quite getting enough sleep I felt much better yesterday morning.


There was no internet. For once I had done the sensible thing when we realized the night before and hadn’t started trying to fix it – apart from rebooting the router once or twice but in the morning after breakfast I couldn’t wait any longer.

It looked like a problem from the provider side but I couldn’t be sure. So I used my cell phone as a hot spot and started trying everything I could. Changed two cables, Restarted the router, re-configured it, tried another one (though that one probably doesn’t work anyway), and then I sent a message to my internet provider.

Then I decided to order a new router just in case. A new router that was definitely not in the budget.


Then the internet started working again. Turned out there was a problem with the provider after all.

I did manage to cancel my order and won’t have to pay for a new router. Which is very good.

Unfortunately, my husband had to eat his breakfast all alone without the chance of chatting with me because I was sitting in my studio trying to fix the internet problem. I also did not meditate.

I did manage to do most of the weekly cleaning, make frozen pizza (I get a dispense for being sick) and taught all my students including the singing student. After that my voice was almost gone but still better than the day before.

The boy and I watched Star Trek. My husband finally finished teaching all the students, the end.

Today there will still be no running but I’m hoping for the rest of the cleaning and also for being able to write all the words. And I’m hoping to feel better still.

It was a slightly weird week.

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